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Post image for Natural Bug Repellent – Keeping the Mosquitoes at Bay in Africa

Mosquitoes. Let’s face it, they’re a pain in the butt, their bites are agonizingly itchy, and some harbor some pretty nasty diseases. So bug spray is an absolute must when visiting Africa or any other buggy destination for that matter. But we’ve all heard how the chemicals in bug spray, primarily Deet, can strip a car of its paint. This isn’t very comforting when we’re spraying it on our skin!

The good news is that there are a variety of natural bug repellents out there, including one of our favorites, Naturally Charleston’s EVADA-BUG Insect Repellent.

I asked the owner of Naturally Charleston, Pam, to spotlight the inspiration behind her products and the types of products that they offer. Check out her guest article below!

There is a long story behind the actual formation of the company NATURALLY CHARLESTON and the first product EVADA-BUG. The two partners, my husband and myself, often have very diverse and sometimes competing views within our respective industries, our differing expertise, and then our varied geographical experiences. I grew up in Philadelphia, owned several businesses and for many years studied natural healing with a variety of respected people within the fields. Ino, co-owner of Naturally Charleston, is Dutch and lived in Zimbabwe and South Africa before becoming a U.S. citizen and joining the conventional pharmaceutical world as a chemist and later managing major worldwide projects. If we caught a cold, I used an herb and he used Robitussin!

all natural bug spray

Image above of Pam and Ino, founders of Naturally Charleston

all-natural bug spray

Image above of co-founder, Pam, creating her famous all-natural products!

When we relocated to the Lowcountry of South Carolina (where “BUGS RULE”), finding an all-natural insect repellent became a problem—either they were not really effective, or they had an offensive aroma, or they claimed to be “natural” and were NOT. My husband and his local buddies gave me a challenge to formulate something truly natural. There were many “half successful” trials, but after studies with entomologists, global indigenous people’s remedies and also a short stint with the perfume industry, my local challengers had to finally admit defeat!

In the meantime, travelers to other countries, including missionaries in Guatemala, hikers in Alaska, a daughter in Africa and a brother in Indonesia, all reported back positive results. Neighbors started putting money in the mailbox for a bottle and then a manager of a local store who heard about it said, “If you can get product liability insurance, I’ll sell your EVADA-BUG.” When the local WHOLE FOODS MARKET called, out of the blue requesting the product, I figured I should probably start a company.

Subsequently, customer demand for other products added four more to Naturally Charleston’s product list, and now the current list of natural products is as follows:

EVADA-BUG:  All-Natural Insect Repellent

  • plus after-bite relief if not applied in advance of exposure
  • repels all insects and soothes fire ant stings
  • safe for the entire family
  • formulated for both deep woods and wetlands protection

RUDY’S REPELLENT: All-Natural Canine Insect Block

  • repels mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas and flies
  • also works on horses
  • effective, gentle and pleasant to an animal’s sensitive “nose”


  • a blend of all-natural botanical oils
  • tones and conditions skin under all conditions
  • use outdoors before exposure to sun, wind, cold
  • use indoors for massage, moisturizer or deep hair conditioner


  • a blend of all-natural botanical oils
  • provides relief from over-exposure to sun, wind, cold
  • soothes itchy, dry and chapped skin
  • cools and calms skin irritations

LIP REX LIP BALM: Luscious blend of healing oils in a unique Roll-On dispenser




See website testimonials

Orders may be placed online at


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