Private Tour of Cape Peninsula with Capexec Tours

by Sandy Salle on October 16, 2018

On a recent trip to South Africa, I was able to explore the gorgeous peninsula region of Cape Town, it’s extended suburbs as well as the beautiful villages of Camps Bay, Llundudno, Hout Bay, Simon’s Town, and Kalk Bay along with the Cape of Good Hope Natural Reserve. It a full day with a private driver from CapExec Exclusive Tours.  He picked me up at my Cape Town hotel at 9am.   You never know what you will see along the way like this ostrich strolling down the road.

It is certainly a full day and we stopped for a late breakfast/early lunch in Kalk Bay.  Nestled between the ocean and mountains, this fishing village has now become a suburb of Cape Town.  One of the advantages of taking a private tour is that you get to eat at your driver’s favorite restaurant (where they even call him by name).  My salmon eggs benedict was delicious!

A visit to the famous Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope was up next. Cape Point represents the success of Bartholomew Diaz who first discovered it while looking for a way to get to the East. He may not have made it all the way there, but finally the Portuguese knew that there was a turning point and as such there was hope that the route would be discovered. Nine years later the famous Vasco da Gama would pass the point and manage to get all the way through to the East. This opened up the Spice Routes for the Europeans and very soon there was shipping traffic passing the Cape on a regular basis.

One of the most photographed lighthouses can be found on Cape Point.  Named the ‘Cape of Storms’, the ‘Point’ was treated with respect by sailors for centuries. By day, it was a navigational landmark and by night, and in fog, it was a menace beset by violent storms and dangerous rocks that over the centuries littered shipwrecks around the coastline.

Access to this historical lighthouse is by an exhilarating three-minute ride in the Flying Dutchman funicular that transfers visitors from the lower station to the upper station where you can then walk up to the lighthouse.

As we drove back toward the park entrance, we saw beautiful valleys, bays and beaches, containing a mix of extraordinarily diverse and unique fauna and flora.

Next up was a visit to the penguin colony at Boulders. The African penguin’s natural habitat is to live on islands off the Coast of South Africa. However, man has disturbed many of the penguins’ natural habitats over the years. In the 1980’s a couple of penguins decided to relocate to one of Cape Town’s favorite beaches, Boulders beach, and they must have liked what they saw as they then got busy breeding. Today there are over 3,000 penguins living at Boulders. The beach is now only open to penguins and is closed to sun tanners! There are however viewing platforms that will allow you to get close to the penguins.

Heading back to the hotel, we drove along Chapman’s Peak Drive, a spectacular road which hugs the near-vertical face of the mountain, with 114 curves all along the Atlantic Ocean that was closed for several years due to landslides but is now open and spectacular.

Before taking in all the sights, sounds, fragrances and clean air, I would have not been able to see how different all of the peninsula really is — it was not what I expected and it was a magical day of surprises.

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