3 Creative Ways to Share Your African Safari Photos & Experiences with Friends & Family

by Sandy Salle on October 22, 2013

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Image to the left of a canvas print, gifted to us by one of our clients!

A trip to Africa for many travelers is a once in a lifetime experience. And because memories fade over time, it’s important to put them down on paper, canvas, or an online platform.

Below are some of the best platforms for sharing your African safari adventures with friends and family:

Create a professional storybook online: Creating a customized storybook online is one of the best and easiest ways to save your African safari vacation memories all in one spot. There are several online tools that allow you to create and order customized storybooks. These platforms include MixBook and Shutterfly. These are our favorite platforms and both are easy to use and provide a huge assortment of templates and graphics to bring your storybook to life.

To start building your customized safari memories book, you must first create an account on either platform. From there, you can create a new project and upload photos to various pages throughout your book. You can even add words to accompany your photographs. I strongly suggest writing down your memories associated with your photographs and telling stories throughout your book. It’s easy to forgot details five years down the road, but if you write your stories down in your safari memory book, you’ll be able to relive the beautiful details over and over again!

Some things to feature in your storybook include:

Photographs of people: This can include photographs of the individuals you are traveling with (such as your family and / or friends), people you meet on cultural tours, and your Africa safari guides and hotel staff! Most of our clients return home with a newfound friendship with their guide(s). You’ll have some wonderful memories with your guide(s) so make sure to capture them in a photograph!

Wildlife and landscape photographs: Make sure to take photographs throughout the day, including dusk and dawn, which are some of the best times of the day for capturing stunning landscapes and sky pictures.

Recipes: I promise you that you’ll have some of the best food of your life whilst in Africa! Be sure to ask the chefs at the various properties that you stay at for recipes of any of the dishes that you like. It’s a great keepsake and the perfect way to relive your memories of Africa right from your kitchen. You can even share a little piece of Africa with your friends and family by cooking the African recipe for them for dinner one evening.

If you forget to ask for recipes, though, no need to fret! Get a copy of our African recipe book, a Taste of Africa, for over 60 authentic African recipes from accommodations across southern and eastern Africa.

Mini stories: While on your African safari vacation, make sure to bring a journal with you and jot down any little funny stories, adventurous safari experiences, and other little tidbits. Then, when you make your storybook, you can add the stories next to the pictures in your book so that the photographs have even more meaning.

Post your photos and videos to Facebook: One of the best and easiest ways to share your safari experiences with friends and family is on Facebook! Create albums designated for your Africa photos and make sure to write a description for the album as well as each of the pictures you add to that album. This will help your viewers visualize a story behind your photographs. And if you have any video from your trip (which I highly recommend you take), you can also add that to Facebook and share it with your friends and family.

Put your pictures on canvas: Looking for the perfect conversation piece for your home? Why not take one of your photographs from Africa and have it printed on a large canvas to hang in your living room or entryway? Not only will you be able to live the magic of Africa everyday with it in your home, but you’ll also be able to share your experiences with some of your guests when they come over for a dinner party or get together!

Having your photograph placed on canvas is super easy. We like using Canvas on Demand’s online ordering service for our canvas photograph printing.


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