5 of the Worst Things About Taking a Trip to Africa

by Sandy Salle on November 3, 2015

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Before you start planning your luxury African safari vacation, I highly suggest you take some of these downsides of a trip to Africa into consideration . . .

You won’t want to come home: Our clients have told us repeatedly that they never wanted to come home from their African vacation and many said they were sad for days after leaving such an incredible place! Unfortunately, changing your flights to extend your stay can be quite expensive or else I’m sure everyone would do it!

Every time I visit my homeland, Zimbabwe, I am so sad to come home. Not because I don’t enjoy life here in North Carolina – I love it – but because there is something so surreal and magical about the African bush and Africa’s warm and hospitable people. I can’t get enough of it and neither can the discerning travelers who visit this great continent.

You’ll have to start budgeting for and planning your next trip: I can’t tell you how many times I’ll get an email or message from a client while they’re on an African safari tour, asking us to start planning their next trip! In fact, here’s what one of our recent clients, the Sullivans, had to say to us while they were in Africa: “I just can’t explain to you how amazing this experience has been. You better start booking our next trip!”

But because Africa is home to some of the finest accommodations and most sought-after activities in the world, it’s not the quickest and most affordable vacation. Which can make planning a second trip to this beautiful continent a bit challenging. But our clients find a way to come back to their favorite place time and time again.

Your friends will be jealous: When you get home from your trip to Africa and put all your pictures up on Facebook and Instagram, you might find that your friends are awfully jealous! From photographs of gorgeous sunsets to selfies of wine tasting adventures, and up-close shots of lions and elephants to footage of your shark cage diving experiences, your friends will truly be in awe of how incredibly lucky you are to have experienced such exciting adventures.

No other vacation will live up to your African safari vacation: Unfortunately, once you go to Africa, it’s impossible to find a vacation that will be even remotely comparable. What you can find in Africa, you cannot find anywhere else. From gorilla trekking safaris in the Uganda forests to witnessing Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World) to horseback riding alongside zebra to witnessing the great wildlife migration of Tanzania, Africa truly is a unique place unlike any other on the planet.

In fact, here is what our clients, Barb and Larry, had to say about their trip to Africa “This was our best vacation EVER…and we’ve been on some swell vacays! We can’t thank you enough for arranging an absolutely perfect itinerary.”

You’ll love everyone you meet . . . But then have to leave them: One of the saddest things about coming home after an African safari vacation is saying goodbye to the incredible friends you’ve met during your travels. From fellow travelers on your safaris to hilarious safari guides, and cheerful chefs to the sweetest accommodation staff members you’ll ever meet, your trip to Africa will undoubtedly be filled with incredible and inspirational people.

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