5 Reasons to Travel Solo to South Africa

by Sandy Salle on March 4, 2015

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Whether you’re an avid solo traveler and have been doing it for years or are entertaining the idea of venturing to a far off land on your own, traveling alone to Africa is an incredible way to discover inspiration and insight into yourself.

Below are 5 reasons why South Africa is the perfect place for traveling solo:

South Africa’s wildernesses allow for some serious soul searching: Being amongst nature in its purest form is one of the best ways to refocus, recharge, and experience a new outlook on life. You can enjoy time reflecting inward and simply relax with the soothing sounds, sights, and smells of nature. You can spend time amongst nature thinking about your life, your purpose, and what you want for yourself.

Adventurous activities abound: Taking part in adventurous activities can be extremely eye opening and help with personal growth. In South Africa, there are a wide variety of adventurous activities you can take part in, including scuba diving, shark cage diving with great whites, mountain biking, vigorous hiking, and skydiving. Whenever we do something that scares us, it has the incredible ability to push us a little further outside of our comfort zone and encourage us to grow.

Rich culture inspires: South Africa is home to almost a dozen different cultures. From Afrikaans to Xhosa, and Zulu to Ndebele, each of the various cultures found throughout South Africa implement their own unique traditions and customs. Visitors on a solo trip to South Africa can enjoy cultural visits with the local people by participating in township and volunteer projects, or simply venture through the city of Cape Town – interacting with locals along the way. The history of South Africa and how it shaped the rainbow country we know and love today is absolutely fascinating and so rewarding to experience first hand.

New and unique flavors invigorate the senses: When it comes to AMAZING food, you will find no shortage in South Africa! From Cape Town and Cape Winelands (a foodie and wine lover’s mecca) to the African bush (where acclaimed chefs serve up delectable dishes in the middle of a remote wilderness), visitors on a South Africa vacation have the opportunity to explore a tremendous selection of out-of-this-world dishes and dining experiences.

When you travel solo to Cape Town and Cape Winelands, you can select from a variety of internationally renowned restaurants, enjoy a little bit of everything, and even belly up at the bar to meet some locals as you eat and enjoy a glass of local wine!

The people are incredibly friendly: It’s super easy to make new friends in South Africa – they’re known to be some of the friendliest people in the world. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in a café, sipping a local beer at a Cape Town brewery, or enjoying a sensational dinner at a safari camp with fellow travelers, you’ll find yourself conversing with locals and international travelers alike.

Also, at the more boutique-size camps and lodges, you’ll be on safari with the same people each day, which makes it easy to forge new friendships and share exciting experiences.

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