5 Reasons Why Africa is the #1 Destination for Multi-Generation Vacations

by Sandy Salle on June 13, 2013

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When did our schedules start controlling us and we stopped controlling them? At least that’s what it feels like a great deal of the time.

One day you wake up and realize “Wow. I haven’t seen my mum and dad in a while. Or my cousin. Or my nieces and nephews . . .”

Unfortunately those thoughts often don’t deter us from our routine. We continue going about our lives and don’t make any plans to actually meet up with our family members because they live halfway across the country, or we’re busy with work and kids and their schooling.

It’s quite sad when you think about it. You only have one life to live, so wouldn’t you rather experience precious moments with your family, grow together, and learn together so that when the end of the road does come, you know the best moments of your life were spent with the ones you loved? I know I sure do!

So take a stand against your busy schedule and all those obstacles that are keeping your extended family from an unforgettable reunion and start planning an Africa multi-generation safari vacation!

Below are FIVE reasons why Africa is the #1 destination for multi-generation vacations:

1. Discover the power of Mother Nature (sans electronics): Back at home, your family members might take a quick break from dinner to send a text message, or send out some important emails while in the car (on the passenger side, of course!), or browse Facebook or Pinterest during down time.

Well, guess what? They won’t even WANT to do that while on a trip to Africa. Here’s why:

Texting at dinner? Sure go right ahead. But you’re going to miss the herd of elephants as they pass by your table. Or the giraffes at the watering hole right in front of you.

Sending out important emails in the car? Well, the only car you’ll be in for most of your African safari tours is going to be a game vehicle, so, if you were emailing, you would miss out on some serious game viewing opportunities, including the thrill of a kill, the famous Big Five, breathtaking big cats, and other exotic animals. I can assure you, emailing will be the last thing on your family’s mind (or yours for that matter!).

There is just simply too much beauty and serenity in the natural spaces of Africa to even think about cracking open your laptop or switching on you iPad or phone. And having the opportunity to immerse yourself and your family into the magic of nature has the unique ability to reduce stress and revitalize the mind, body, and soul.

somalisa camp

This is a picture of my daughter, Abby, and me, sharing a moment with residential giraffes at Somalisa Camp!

2. Expand your minds with new learning experiences and cultures: Whether you’re learning about conservation efforts, the African environment, the people of Africa, the history of Cape Town or Johannesburg, or the African wildlife, your family has the opportunity to learn together and discuss. Not to mention, MOST of these learning experiences cannot occur in traditional classrooms or simply by reading books. They have to be experienced.

3. Eat healthy and feel great: All of the properties we send our clients to in southern, central, and eastern Africa are acclaimed for their cuisine. The food at these African accommodations is always fresh and local and each of the properties we work with promotes healthy eating through organically produced foods, healthy ingredients, plenty of vegetables, and lean meats.

4. Find something appealing for everyone’s specific tastes: On a multi-generation trip to Africa, you’re bound to have family members with you who are not as physically fit as others or who can’t endure too much adrenaline-spiking adventure. I’m sure you will also find that everyone has different tastes and preferences. Your aunt might want to lie on the beach while your mother wants to go on safari. Or your nephew might want to go shark diving while your daughter wants to embark on a historical tour of Cape Town. That’s ok! Many of the destinations we send clients to can take part in a wide variety of activities, not just safari.

The best place to visit to ensure that everyone gets a chance to do something they like is South Africa. Learn more about South Africa here.

5. Give back as a family unit: With a wide variety of Africa volunteer opportunities to choose from, including volunteering at schools, orphanages, and in local communities and wildlife reserves, your family will be able to work together as one to give back to African communities—whether it’s giving back to the locals directly, helping out with conservation efforts, planting trees, etc. I just can’t think of anything more rewarding for a family than this!

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