5 Reasons Why Taking a Trip to Africa Will Inspire Your Work

by Sandy Salle on January 29, 2013

African safari vacation

As a business owner, I know what it’s like to feel uninspired and in a creative lull at times. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

That’s why I think it’s super important to add new vigor and excitement to your business whenever you feel that lull coming on. It will help you discover a sense of revitalization and enthusiasm in your business, and your clients / customers will feel that same energy!

And, in my opinion, there is no better way to inspire your work than with an unforgettable and life-altering trip to Africa. I know from experience!

Below, I’ve outlined 5 reasons why taking a trip to Africa will absolutely inspire you and your work:

Restore balance in your mind, body, and soul: No words can describe the power of clarity. When you become clear in your mind, body, and soul, it translates into everything you do in life and in your business. With clarity, you feel balanced, healthy, and happy—what more could you ask for!?

So what is it about Africa that brings clarity to the mind, body, and soul? A few things:

  • No one is on their cell phones or computer. The culture in Africa is much different than it is in America, in terms of cell phone and Internet usage! In America, we often find ourselves checking our phones every 5 minutes. In Africa, you’ll find this nearly impossible.
  • Nature is all around. In most areas that you’ll be visiting in Africa, you’ll discover a pure and enriching connection with nature—something that is difficult to come by in our daily lives at home.

Become motivated through cultural experiences: Often times, our clients will return home from a trip to Africa and tell us that their favorite part of the entire trip was interacting with the locals and learning about how they live their lives on a daily basis.

Most of the properties that we work with only employ local guides so that guests experience a sense of true cultural immersion (local guides are also used to ensure that money is going back into the local economy and local communities can experience self-sustainability).

Travelers on an African safari vacation have the opportunity to experience so many exceptional cultural experiences, including bush walks with local tribesmen, village visits, trips to local schools and orphanages, philanthropic cultural tours, and so much more.

Through these cultural experiences, I promise you, you will discover a unique sense of inspiration that you cannot find anywhere else.

Network with others: During your travels throughout Africa, you’ll come in contact with other travelers from around the world and from all walks of life. The interactions you have with other travelers can be just as invigorating and inspiring as speaking with locals.

You’ll leave Africa with newfound friends—and who knows, maybe new business partnerships!

Expand your knowledge: From interactions with local women, men, children, tribesmen, entrepreneurs, and guides to cultural tours, historical tours, and food and wine experiences, you’re guaranteed to leave Africa with a wealth of new discoveries and knowledge.

Discover your true life’s purpose: I know of a handful of clients who have been so transformed by Africa that they’ve discovered their path in life was not the one they wanted to be on or should be on. These individuals pay tribute to Africa for helping them discover their true life’s purpose.

So, if you’re not sure if the path you’re on in life is the right one, I encourage you to visit Africa. You might just experience a life-altering epiphany that changes your life’s course.

Still not sure if Africa can inspire your work? Here’s a testimonial from one of our recent clients who is an entrepreneur and Inc. 500 business owner:

“I have always wanted to go to Africa…it had been a lifelong dream, but the planning and know how all seemed daunting. Every experience of working with Hills of Africa Travel, from top to bottom was effortless, delightful, and exciting. It made us very spoiled with trip planning… So much has changed since we returned from Africa; I re-connected to my business, my dreams, and the big why I do what I do in this world. It was a rich experience that would be cheapened trying to find words. We loved working with Hills of Africa and decided we had to work with them as they were very niched and I knew they were great at their specificity, along with having an Africa owner.”

-Suzanne Evans – www.helpmorepeople.com

African safari vacation

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