5 Ways an Anniversary Trip to Africa Can Strengthen Your Marriage

by Sandy Salle on February 14, 2013

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Image above of Nduara Loliondo Lodge taken from Nomad Tanzania.

Let’s face it. By the time we’re married, the honeymoon phase tends to dissipate. Am I right? But that doesn’t mean romance and love have to dissolve with it! As we journey through marriage we also travel through different phases of our lives. Many times, our interests and passions change and evolve, and sometimes, we don’t communicate these changes to our partner.

In my opinion, it’s super important to make time for your partner and your marriage and an anniversary African safari vacation is the perfect opportunity to forge a stronger bond.

So how can an anniversary trip to Africa strengthen your marriage? Below are 5 ways:

1. Remote settings allow you to rediscover each other in this phase of your life: Think about your daily lives together. Do you talk, text, and web surf on your smart phone? Do you have other technology distractions such as the television and computers? And what about work? Does your busy schedule take away from your time together with your spouse? If so, then I guarantee you, you won’t have those distractions in Africa!

Small, intimate camps and lodges will facilitate more conversation and connection among each other since there are few other travelers with you, no busy schedule, and little opportunity to use technology on a regular basis. This setting simply allows the lines of communication to flow more freely and provides you both with the opportunity to discuss deeper subjects such as your newfound hobbies and interests! 

2. Romantic accommodations and activities will add a little spice to your lives: Hey, I’m sure we can all use a little spice in our “romance life,” and Africa is arguably the most romantic place on the planet! From luxurious and intimate accommodations to hot air balloon safaris over the vast savannah plains, horseback riding in wildlife-clad settings to wine tasting in Cape Winelands, and bubble baths in the African bush to spa treatments in nature, nothing beats the romance that can be found in Africa. Where else in the world can you do all of those things? Nowhere.

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3. Exploring adventurous activities together can create deeper bonding: Take some chances together! Explore your limits and take yourselves out of your comfort zones together. Whether you want to bungee jump at Victoria Falls, go shark diving in South Africa, or sandboard in Namibia’s vast desert, there are so many wonderful opportunities for adventure and personal growth.

4. Philanthropic cultural activities will bring enlighten your outlooks on life: Throughout life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. And for some of us, we are familiar with what goes on in the world around us (thanks to the news and literature); however, we’ve never really experienced it for ourselves.

There are a variety of philanthropic cultural activities that you can enjoy as a couple on your anniversary African safari vacation, many of which will open your eyes to the issues at large in Africa’s social, economical, and environmental atmospheres. The opportunity to explore local schools, community projects, medical facilities, and children’s groups is a highly rewarding experience to cherish together.

5. Develop memories that will last a lifetime: Because Southern, Central, and Eastern Africa are celebrated for their hospitable locals, breathtaking scenery, adventure activities, stunning wildlife, and award-winning accommodations, you’re guaranteed to build unforgettable memories together. And whenever you’re going through a rough patch or need some upliftment, you can always go back to Africa in your minds (or even in real life for a second time!).

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