Africa in Motion — The Great Migration

by Sandy Salle on April 27, 2017

There’s nothing else like it anywhere on the planet — the Great Migration that takes place in East Africa, each year, the movement of millions of large creatures across the Serengeti Plains . . . and the daily drama that plays out between predator and prey all along their route.

The numbers are truly astounding: nearly two million wildebeest, a quarter of a million zebra and half a million antelopes . . . stalked by apex predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs and crocodiles as well as those that pick at the scraps — hyenas, jackals, vultures and marabou storks.

For the herbivores, it’s simply a matter of following the rains and the lush, life-supporting grasses that sprout from the wet. Between December and May, the wildebeest, antelope and zebra can be found munching the nutrient-rich short grass plains und Naabi Hill, Lake Ndutu and Olduvai Gorge at the southern end of the Serengeti.

By June, the southern range is depleted and the animals begin moving northward across the Serengeti, an odyssey to reach their dry season grazing grounds in the Masai Mara, across the border in Kenya. They linger in the Mara between July and November, and then do it all over again — a southward march that takes them back to the short grass plains.

Although there are peak periods like May/June, July and October/November, the Great Migration is basically a year-round spectacle. Hills of Africa offers a number of upscale lodging options along the migration route including Lemala Kuria Hills, Kati Kati and Bushtops in the northern Serengeti; and Serengeti Pioneer, Nyaruswiga and the new Roving Bushtops in the south.

All of these safari camps organize daily game viewing drives to follow, photograph and watch the Great Migration. Some also offer scenic flights and hot-air ballooning to view the animals from above. Another option is a day trip to see the famous crossing of the Grumeti River — crocodiles lurking in the shallows as the wildebeest and zebra swim to the other side.

Serengeti National Park offers a rough month-by-month schedule of the Great Migration in this map —

Have you ever wanted to see the greatest miracle on earth?  The Great Migration on an African Safari Vacation, is probably the most exciting and exhilarating experience you can have.

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