Are Droves of Tourists Ruining Your Vacations?

by Sandy Salle on November 14, 2013

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As tourism numbers increase across the globe, travelers are finding greater and easier access to some of the top items on their bucket lists. These days, it’s easy to book flights to any hot destination in the world, snap a few pictures and move on to the next best thing. This is wonderful for some, but for travelers who want to experience and explore a destination without fighting through a crowd of constantly snapping cameras and iPhones, it can be quite difficult for them to find such a place.

Below are some travel planning tips for travelers looking to explore and not simply be another tourist:

Choose your destinations wisely: Some of the best places to visit are areas that are up-and-coming (right now some of those places would include Portugal, Albania, and Montenegro—just to name a few), as well as areas that are so remote that you will see few tourists.

If you like the idea of remote destinations, then various parts of Africa are PERFECT for you. In fact, many areas within Africa are known as being some of the last natural frontiers on earth; therefore, they are not polluted with human activity and remain essentially untouched. These are the ultimate destinations to explore without feeling confined and surrounded by other tourists.

Keep an open mind: When doing your research or working with a travel professional to help plan your next big trip, it’s always important to keep an open mind. For example, some of my favorite destinations are in Africa and are super remote, offer some of the BEST safari experiences on the whole continent, and have exceptional accommodations. Yet, I continue to receive resistance on these destinations from various travelers who have never heard of the destinations. Zambia is one of these areas.

Zambia, for example, has hands-down the BEST walking safaris in all of Africa and some of the finest accommodations. Many travelers are weary of booking a trip to Zambia, though, because they don’t know anyone who has ever been there or have never seen Zambia highlighted on travel sites or popular travel publications. This is a good thing, though! You don’t have to worry about thousands upon thousands of tourists flocking to this area because it continues to remain under the radar. There are several destinations around the world like this, so make sure to keep an open mind when researching and talking with travel professionals and other travelers.

Step off the beaten path: Most of us have some popular tourist destinations on our bucket lists, and that’s ok! My advice, though, is to not plan entire trips around top tourist destinations. Step off the beaten path!

For example, you might want to visit the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania (great choice!). But it’s important to note that this destination can get fairly tourist-heavy. Therefore, it would be smart to pair a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater with a more remote area within Tanzania. This way, you can experience a world-renowned site and also visit a lesser-visited area with fewer tourists, but with just as fantastic views and wildlife.

After countless travel adventures, I always find the BEST experiences to be those that occurred off the beaten path.


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