Bush Breakfast…four legged guests allowed (& encouraged)

by Sandy Salle on October 24, 2016

By Amy Green, our fabulous Client Experience Director

Every trip I take to Africa brings different experiences, each whetting my appetite to return again and again.  (Appetite being the key word as the food in Africa is amazing!)  While on safari, going out on daily game drives is the focus of the day, searching for some fantastic sight that will amaze and astound.  The elusive leopard in a tree, the wild dog pack out on a hunt, a baby elephant playing in the mud, giraffe bent in a crazy stance trying to get a sip of water.

But one of my favorite treats is breakfast in the bush!  Every morning drive includes a stop for coffee or tea and muffins, but a full on bush breakfast is something to really appreciate.  On my recent trip to visit Azura Selous in Tanzania, we enjoyed a lovely sit-down breakfast at the river’s edge!  It was a welcome surprise and, as always, I was amazed at the delicacies we were offered!

We were up and out early, with Joseph (our guide) keen on checking out what had gone on the night before. It was amazing what he could tell us based on the animal tracks, piles of poo and other signs of activity.  ‘Something chased a giraffe through here.  You can see by the tracks the giraffe was running.  And her poo is scattered, not in a pile as it would be if she were standing still.’  And yes, he could tell it was a female giraffe based on the shape of the droppings.  And yes, he picked them up to investigate!

Anyway, he was determined to track the lion that he noticed had wandered near camp the night before.  We were all game and enjoyed the ‘hunt’.  After a while, we neared the river and Joseph stopped, got out and wandered around a bit.  We were expecting him to say we were on the right path, but nope.  He smiled and said, ‘OK, time for breakfast!’, then quickly set about putting out a table, chairs and setting the table for us.  He instructed us to stay close but feel free to wander around and see what we could find while he got everything ready.

Joseph checking things out.

Joseph checking things out.

Not only did he have a proper table & chairs hidden away in the vehicle, but also a table cloth and cloth napkins, real plates and silverware. Then out came the food. Small tins containing quiche and cinnamon rolls were set aside and the food displayed on a serving board, followed by jars of sausage and individual yogurt parfaits.



What a treat to enjoy breakfast by the river, with a pod of hippo just downstream watching our every move. The quiche & parfaits were tasty, but  the cinnamon rolls put Cinnabon to shame.

Of course, no proper bush breakfast would be complete without coffee and a shot of Amarula.  If you aren’t familiar with Amarula, you are missing out.  It’s a creamy liqueur, very similar to Bailey’s but better.  Visiting with friends over a delicious breakfast, sipping hot Amarula coffee, chatting about the rest of the morning’s hopeful finds all to the chorus of hippo telling us and each other what was what…the perfect way to start the day.

As we helped Joseph set about cleaning up he giggled and  let us in on a little secret.  The lion we had been tracking had stopped by  the river here for a sip of water at some point earlier in the morning, so we were close to finding them! Imagine our surprise to learn the lions had been so close and we had no idea!  It’s amazing what guides in the bush can see that to the untrained eye is just a bunch of dirt and bushes!  So off we went!

And were successful in our search, finally finding the brother and sister duo resting with their own bellies full.

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Liz Bull October 27, 2016 at 7:47 pm

Love this! What a treat that must have been. And, I LOVE your Taste of Africa Cookbook.

Sandy Salle November 5, 2016 at 10:57 am

Thanks Liz!! Yes we love the Taste of Africa Recipe book. It’s a great lesson in life, we can actually have breakfast out in our own version of the bush anytime – up on a mountain, in our gardens with the birds.

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