Diving in South Africa with the Planet’s Most Fearsome Predator

by Sandy Salle on January 31, 2013

shark cage diving

Image above taken by one of our clients who just returned home from a trip to South Africa

For those adventurists eager to come face to face with one of the world’s most fearsome looking predators, a shark cage diving experience off the coast of Cape Town is an absolute must!

Below is a look at what you can expect on a shark cage diving expedition with Hills of Africa:

On the morning of your shark cage dive, you’ll head to the town of Kleinbaai in the Western Cape, where you’ll meet your shark expert team and fellow travelers at the Great White House.  This area is world renowned for its great white shark populations, so you’re sure to have an exciting and highly satisfying adventure.

At the Great White House (restaurant and crew house), you’ll enjoy a nutritious breakfast (or lunch, depending on what part of the day your tour is at) and listen to a brief safety speech that outlines what you’ll be experiencing during your shark cage dive, as well as some facts about the great white shark. You’ll also be assigned your wet suite.

Once the briefing is complete it’s time to rock n’ roll! You’ll enjoy a 20-minute boat ride to Dyer Island, where you may witness the Africa Big Marine 5 (including penguins, seals, dolphin, or whales) along the way.

During your trip to Dyer Island you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the marine biologist on board, asking any burning questions you might have about the fascinating great white and other marine species found in the area.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll want to calm your nerves, so take a few deep breathes before fastening your facemask and dropping down into the cage.

SIDENOTE ABOUT THE CAGE: The steel cage never submerges completely underwater and is covered with steel on all sides. With buoys attached to the top portion of the cage, there is always about two feet of cage floating above the water. The cage also always remains fastened to the boat by two large ropes.

As soon as you enter the cage your eyes will widen and your heart will pound with the sheer adrenaline of anticipating a great white shark. The sharks are attracted to the magnetic fields emitted by the boat and the cage, and will come to observe the cage and boat out of curiosity. Since you will not have a snorkel or scuba gear, you will lift your head above the surface when you’re in need of air. Then, take a deep breath and keep your eyes peeled again for the magnificent great white.

Photo above copyrighted by Nicola Stelluto, Sharkwatchsa.com

SIDENOTE: Sharks do not ram the cages or rip the cages apart. The only time a shark would ram a cage is if it was provoked by crewmembers and this would never happen on this tour. We only work with the most trusted and proven shark cage diving experts to ensure that our clients have a safe and exciting experience. It’s also important to note that the cage is indestructible.

The shark cage diving experience that we book for clients is $165.00 USD (1,400 rand) and lasts approximately 4 hours in total (2 hours are usually spent anchored). This is a great activity to add to your bucket list!

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Leigh February 7, 2013 at 9:26 pm

This trip sounds exactly like the one I did in 2004 – the people who did my tour absolutely love sharks and I have to say that after spending a day with them I am totally in love with them too. The gave me a new understanding and respect for sharks that I treasure. That said it was also incredibly exciting and exhilerating too, to be SO close to such gigantic, powerful creatures of the deep!!

Sandy Salle February 11, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Leigh, so happy to hear that you enjoyed shark diving! It’s such an amazing trip – we love hearing from our clients when they return from shark diving!

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