Equipping the Women of Zimbabwe with the Resources to Grow their Own Businesses

by Sandy Salle on September 8, 2014

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I have been so thrilled with the amount of press the Give Movement Journey has received that I just HAD to share it with you! The Give Movement Journey, which is an annual group trip to Africa, designed to assist Zimbabwean female entrepreneurs with their businesses and also to help build a Habitat for Humanity home in Zambia, has not only been featured in local Charlotte, NC publications, but also in international ones.

Recently, the journey has been seen spotlighted in Mooresville Weekly, Female Entrepreneur Association International, Suzanne Evans Coaching, The Best of Zambia, Global Girls Project, Feelin’ Good magazine, and soon, South Park Magazine.

Give Movement Journey

So what inspired me to start the Give Movement Journey and what is so incredible about this trip? See below for my story . . .

As a woman, born in Zimbabwe but now living in Charlotte, who founded and built my own business from scratch, I knew how difficult it could be to turn a dream into a lucrative business. I was growing a family, was not wealthy, didn’t know a whole lot about business, and was spending 80+ hours a week, working on growing my business. That was hard enough.

But then I thought: imagine being a woman, living in Zimbabwe, who doesn’t have a single resource at her disposal to grow her own business. There are many resources here, especially in Charlotte, for blossoming entrepreneurs, including networking events, funding programs, scholarships, and non-profit incubator programs. But for the women of Zimbabwe, none of this exists.

With this thought in mind, I was armed with the passion and conviction to help transform the lives of the women entrepreneurs of Zimbabwe with the resources and education they needed to live their dream lives.

So, I partnered with my dear friend and New York Times Best Selling Author, Suzanne Evans, to create the very first Give Movement Journey to Africa—and the next one takes place March 3, 2015 (we would LOVE for you to join us on this epic journey!).

These transformational journeys include the opportunity to work as a collective in collaborating with local Zimbabwean and Zambian women and providing them with the resources they need to build a lucrative business and lead their dream lives.

Business owners, innovators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists from around the world are invited to join these life-changing journeys. We hope you’ll join us on the upcoming trip!

give movement journey

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