Family-Friendly andBeyond Camps & Lodges Offer WILDchild Program for Kids!

by Sandy Salle on September 17, 2013

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When it comes to your family vacations, choosing a destination that not only provides ample bonding time, but also offers cultural and environmental stimulation is a must.

At andBeyond properties in southern and eastern Africa, families are welcome to enjoy the comforts and beauty of Africa in complete luxury. Most of andBeyond’s lodges and camps welcome kids of all ages (however, there are a handful of select properties with age restrictions).

andBeyond encourages family travel as a way to connect with nature and each other in some of the most beautiful settings in the entire world. And because andBeyond puts a tremendous focus on conservation—in terms of community conservation and environmental conservation—families visiting on an African family safari vacation can educate themselves on the importance of giving back to the local communities and the environment.

For families who are looking to bring young children, most of the andBeyond lodges and camps welcome them with open arms and even have a WILDchild Program that keeps kids entertained for hours while you’re out enjoying exciting game drives or enjoying a relaxing massage on your private veranda.

Each of the activities offered by andBeyond for children teach them about the environment and about the local cultures. All of the activities offered in the program are supervised by camp rangers and staff who provide hours of excitement for youngsters.

Each kid who participates in the WILDchild program receives a backpack with a scrapbook, compass, and magnifying glass so that they can become their very own ranger. Kids are also given stickers, dog tags with their names, and certificates for completing certain activities.

Some of the activities children in the WILDchild program can take part in include fishing expeditions with local guides, cooking classes, bow and arrow class, wildlife identification lessons, plant identification lessons, private game drives, and birding expeditions. They can also participate in stargazing, cultural visits, and rope making classes, using natural materials.

andBeyond has several luxurious properties in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, and Kenya. Each of these destinations has camps and lodges that offer the WILDchild program, so make sure to check before booking, which of their properties participates.


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