Happy Client Spotlight – An Unforgettable Trip to Tanzania and Zimbabwe

by Sandy Salle on November 3, 2014

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Guest article written by Linda Raney – a Hills of Africa Travel Client

NOTE: Linda and her husband decided to visit Africa for their anniversary. During their trip they visited Tanzania and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  

Thank you, Sandy, Amy, and Susan, for the most wonderful trip of a lifetime and, yes, dreams! It was just perfect! Even the weather was fantastic! I think of the trip, and you guys, just about every day.

The memories and experience will last a lifetime! Words seem so inadequate to express our appreciation of the fantastic trip you planned for us.

It was so unexpected to have a bottle of Champagne at the Lokuthula Lodge, and then the anniversary song / drums with special cake at the other camps – oh, my! We were truly amazed at each experience.

The Lokuthula Lodge was very nice. My regret is that I did not plan enough time; just 2-3 more days would have been perfect to just “sit and enjoy” more at this location.

We did see the vulture feeding, as well as several other wildlife sightings on the deck that overlooked the watering hole and early morning game drives.

On our anniversary of 10/1/2014, my husband woke me up to his drum beating on a plastic container and chanting, similar, but not quite, to the African anniversary song!

The white water rafting was a good choice, for us, as an activity. I am glad that we physically made and survived the 800 meter climb down, and up! The rafting itself was a ton of fun, especially since we got dumped on one of the level 5 rapids! Of course we purchased the DVD!

The safari portion was perfect, as were our guides, accommodations, and wildlife river crossings (yes – we saw two of them – some folks did not see any while at our camp!).

Thank you SO MUCH, for all your hard work, recommendations, and thoughtfulness in planning this trip of a lifetime.

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