Hills of Africa Loves Honeymooners

by Sandy Salle on June 25, 2019

June is a very popular month for weddings and we here at Hills of Africa LOVE honeymooners as we know how very special that time is after your wedding and how important it is to do something that you will look back on fondly for many years to come. I love when I am around people who travel the world and they turn to their spouse and say “Remember when we went to …” and they both smile from ear to ear!

An African safari provides a great opportunity to spend time with just the two of you or sharing a game drive with others who are always happy to celebrate your very special occasion. We can arrange special candlelit dinners for you on safari — nothing more magical than dining under the stars.

Imagine sleeping under millions of stars in your very own Treehouse! That is exactly what you get with the Lion Sands Reserve in South Africa. The Treehouses set you in the middle of big landscapes, globed by even bigger skies, their lights twinkling down to the horizon. Below, the stillness is punctuated by animals’ whistles, huffs, and growls… carried on the wind.

There are few such experiences left on earth that capture the romance of the untamed and untainted.

Arrive at sunset to a picnic, spend the dusk hours spotting wildlife out in the bush, and fall asleep counting shooting stars.

This is not simply a sleep out – this is an adventure with Africa, one-on-one.

What honeymoon would not be complete without a trip to the Wine Country so off to the Cape Winelands where you can experience wine tasting of the best reds of the Stellenbosch region and the best whites of the Franschhoek.

On your first wine tour to the Cape, we introduce you to the Cape’s oldest wine regions. The aim is to take a journey through this beautiful mountainous region and explore the history, wine, and architecture of the region.

A stop for lunch at Delaire Graff Winery is a must and you can explore the vineyards while you are there.

Stellenbosch is the second oldest town; it boasts oak tree lined streets and gorgeous white houses from both the Dutch and English periods. This region is renowned as the best red wine region in the country.

After exploring the Franschhoek wine region, return to your romantic lodge at La Cle des Montagnes and relax poolside.

You might also want to do a tutored olive oil tasting or a chocolate and wine pairing experience. Remember this is your honeymoon and it is our job to make it special!

Call us at at 800.940.9344 or send an email to hoainfo@hillsofafrica.com and we will put together a honeymoon itinerary you will think back of fondly and smile from ear to ear!

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