How One Client Experienced an Exceptional 18-Day African Safari Vacation

by Sandy Salle on July 10, 2012

African safari vacation

Returning home from a recent trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, our client, Susan Redmond, was kind enough to spotlight some of her favorite experiences in Africa for our blog readers!

Susan and her daughter, Laura, embarked on an 18-day African safari vacation to explore the wildlife and natural beauty of Cape Town, Imbabala, Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, the Okavango Delta, and the Selinda Reserve.

Below, Susan discusses some of her favorite memories from her trip to Africa (note: all pictures in this post are owned by Susan Redmond):

1. Was Africa what you expected? In what ways was it different than what you expected?

Yes Africa was what I expected. I had done a lot of studying and reading before my trip and Hills of Africa had done an excellent job of preparing me. I had also talked to a co-worker of mine who had returned from a trip to South Africa in January, so I had a good idea of what to expect.

What I was surprised by was that all the camps had ample electricity, hot water, hair dryers, and converters. The only thing I missed at some places was Internet!

trip to Souther Africa

2. List the top three best parts of your trip to Africa. What made these experiences so special and unique to you?

Top of my list would be seeing the animals in their natural habitat and watching them in their day-to-day survival mode. Seeing a lioness and her cubs kill a warthog was both disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

Second would be the beauty of nature. I was captivated by the sunsets, which became even more obvious to me when I got home and saw all the pictures I took of sunsets—all beautiful.

Third would be the knowledge and warmth of all the guides and workers at the camps. The guides were so interesting and fun to be with and the camp staff could not have been anymore willing to meet our needs.

trip to africa

3. Is there another trip to Africa in the future for you? If so, would you travel to the same countries or different ones? Are there any activities / experiences you still want to do in Africa that you didn’t get a chance to do while visiting?

Yes, I would love another trip to Africa. I would love to see the same counties but due to the shortness of life and time I would want to see other countries, as well. I would love to go to Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and Egypt.

4. After returning, what’s the one thing you wish you knew before traveling to Africa?

I wish I had studied more of the history and the political structures of all three countries. Our guides were very knowledgeable, but it was so much information to absorb at one time. I still am planning on reading about it all.

african safari tours

African safari vacation

Susan and Laura enjoying a sundowner!

5. How was your experience working with Hills of Africa?

Wonderful. You all were comprehensive in your planning and prepared us for everything. Your customer service was beyond anything I have ever worked with. You were truly excited and concerned about our trip and did not treat us as just another customer. We had guides meet us in places we were not expecting, just to be there if we needed anything! The guides were always  polite and professional, on time , and very helpful with all questions. I would use your agency in a heartbeat again and I recommend you to everyone who looks at my pictures. Hopefully some of them will use your services. Thanks.

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