How One Family Experienced the Trip of a Lifetime in South Africa & Zimbabwe

by Sandy Salle on November 28, 2014

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Guest article written by clients Mimi, Jack, and Kelly Crotty, who came to us through Gail Sinito from GTS Vacations

When people say Africa is unforgettable, it is an understatement! What a trip of a lifetime this was. From the beautiful stay at Abbey Manor to the amazing last stop at Kanga Bush Camp, we were overwhelmed and amazed!

Every guide you arranged for us was so knowledgeable and personable. The way the trip was arranged was also just perfect. We did feel a bit rushed at Cape Town with only having two days, but we so enjoyed Charisse and she was amazing with her guidance and knowledge. We even got to see Table Mountain on our first day at the end of our day! The skies cleared and we headed up around 5. We were able to experience the view with clouds rolling in and a cool wind!

Our lunch at the Harbor House that you arranged was fabulous! Thank you so much. Our next stop at Victoria Falls was amazing. Kelly did the zip line! Wow, I told her any other zip line in the future would be boring! That was our first 5-star experience and it was everything and more you could wish for.

After our great tour of the Victoria Falls with, again, our knowledgeable guides, our lunch with Aunt Flatter was something to remember. She is such a warm person and does so much good for her friends and family. Kelly and I so enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the pool followed by a great massage! Our evening was completed with an unbelievable dinner at their fancy dining room! All and all a perfect 10!

Somalisa Camp was amazing with so many elephants almost at arms reach! For our first African safari experience, what more could you wish for? Our guide Mike was, again, so knowledgeable. Our first evening we were able to experience our sunset cocktail party, with a pool party by the elephants and a pride of lions waiting to feast upon a dead elephant that day who had died by the watering pan. What an amazing sight and experience! The staff was so kind to remember Jack and Kelly’s celebrations with a birthday cake and champagne. What a treat!

To end our safari experience with Kanga Camp was perfect! Our guide Bono, again, was amazing!

The most memorable experience at the Kanga Camp was our last night with “KUTS”! (Kanga under the stars). To see all of the time and effort the staff went through for just us, brought tears to our eyes! The meal and setting was something unforgettable! Also I think Kelly really enjoyed the younger people there.

All and all, except for the long jet rides over and back, it was the greatest experience of our lives.

Again thank you for all your time and effort and all the extras for this great trip!

-Mimi, Jack and Kelly


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