If You Give a Kid a Chance . . .

by Sandy Salle on April 13, 2017

Much like Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, rainbows are a symbol of hope and progress in various parts of the world. Nowhere is that more true than Mozambique, where the Rainbow Fund supports a wide range of environmental and social projects.

The first registered charity of its kind in Mozambique, the Rainbow Fund was founded by Azura Boutique Retreats as a way to support the nation’s wildlife and human residents.

A sterling example of what the fund has been able to achieve — in a relatively short time with rather modest funds — was the creation of a school for local children and housing for their teachers near the Azura Benguerra resort. The project boosted the number of kids attending classes on the island off Mozambique’s central coast from around 40 to more than 400. And the charity also sustains a youth soccer team.

Photograph courtesy of Azura Retreats


Much further north of Mozambique, the the Rainbow Fund supports a number of initiatives around Azura Quilalea Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Among these are funding medical supplies for an island clinic, uniforms for school children (as well as a school for them to attend), helping to protect the reefs around the islands, and monitoring sea turtle nests on local beaches.

In both places, the Rainbow Fund organizes special events for island families and children on Christmas, Children’s Day, Environment Day and Women’s Day — events designed to both educate and entertain.

Azura Retreats also participates in the Pack For A Purpose program which encourages travelers bound for Benguerra, Quilalea — or for that matter anywhere on the globe — to leave a little bit of extra space in their luggage for books, pens, clothing and other supplies that can be donated to local schools and clinics.

To learn more about visiting Mozambique after your African Safari Vacation, and enjoying the beautiful Azura Retreats, get in touch with us at 1-800-940-9344 or email hoainfo@hillsofafrica.com


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