Important Johannesburg Airport Luggage Requirements

by Sandy Salle on May 1, 2019

Almost all travelers going to South Africa will either arrive in Johannesburg or make a connecting flight in Johannesburg. There has been a recent press release indicating a change in luggage that will be acceptable to check going into or out of Johannesburg Airport (JNB) in South Africa.

Round/irregularly shaped bags (not having a flat surface) or bags with long hanging straps will not be allowed as these are the largest sources of jams in the baggage handling system.  These jams cause shut downs, delays and inconvenience to passengers and airlines.

Please note that the blue bag in the ‘irregular’ photo is X’d out because of the long strap you can see in the picture.

Upon arrival at the airport, straps should be removed at check in and placed in a pocket or the main compartment of your duffle bag.   Then simply reattach when you retrieve the bag from baggage claim, and off you go!

There are many great duffle bags available through various retailers, which will adhere to the above checked baggage requirements at JNB, and will also  meet qualifications for luggage on charter flights (if applicable to your trip).  Hills of Africa is happy to send links for suggested luggage that would be suitable for your trip.

One of our favorite brands is Eagle Creek and is one that we would recommend. Remember, if it has a large hanging strap outside, be sure to take the large strap off before checking your bag.

NOTE:  The above information applies to checked luggage going through Johannesburg on commercial flights (Delta, South African Air, British Air, etc).  If you have CHARTER FLIGHTS scheduled during your trip, you still need to adhere to the luggage requirements of soft sided luggage meeting size & weight requirements as listed in your travel documents.  

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Hills of Africa team at or call 1-800-940-9344.

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