John’s Camp – Tented Camp That Felt Like Home

by Sandy Salle on June 11, 2019

Our newest team member, Dana Crone, has just returned from her trip to Africa and she wanted to share with you how Africa took a little piece of her heart.

Dana wrote “Upon arrival at John’s Camp in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, we were greeted by a gracious and smiling staff with warm cloths to freshen up.  This was something that little did I know at the time, I would become quite fond of.  Warm cloths if it was chilly outside and cool cloths if it was warmer outside. “

Dana at John’s Camp

I was instantly impressed with how simple yet precise and well-kept the camp was.  The main area was spacious with couches, chairs, side tables, books.  I instantly felt at peace and home. 

The camp is comprised of 12 beds, made up of 6 twin or double en-suite Meru style tents. The spacious tents were custom designed and made by the family.  They are equipped with everything you need. The flush toilet and bucket shower are in separate spaces from each other and from the main sleeping area so privacy is met if needed.  There is a sink with running water in the main area which was great for freshening up or preparing for nighttime. 

Mana Pools National Park is situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River where you will find John’s Camp nestled amongst canopies of Trichelia and Mahogany trees, it is a truly natural wilderness. Across the vast floodplain one can walk with the giants – our African Bull elephants, dine amidst herds of buffalo, gaze upon prides of lion, enjoy sundowners with hippos on the banks of the Zambezi River and bird watch over 400 species of birds.

Dana goes on to write “Most definitely a highlight of my stay was the overnight on the star deck. It was a beautiful 2 level structure complete with a flushing toilet. The bed was covered with soft netting and the most comfortable mattress and linens. The starry night sky and sounds will be something I will never forgotten. ”

Star Gazing Platform
Star gazing sleeping platform

The tables for dinner and breakfast were beautifully set with amazing decorations and detail.  The food was delicious and perfectly prepared.  We even had sushi as an appetizer.

Warm candlelight dinner table

A walking safari gave opportunity to see things from a different view and learn about the trees, plants, how animals and the landscape interact and even all the different animal poop!

Walking Safari (photo credit Robin Pope Safaris)

A memorable time was “behind the scenes” at camp.  We were able to walk through the kitchen, laundry and pantry. Everything was organized, clean and immaculate.  If only my house could be so impressive.  Very appreciative of the wood fire unit that provided us the opportunity to have hot water at the camp.  

There is no wi-fi at John’s Camp and I really hope they keep it that way.  Being completely unplugged and able to immerse into the surroundings was appreciated and welcomed!

The team at John’s Camp are more than just “co-workers”, they are family and it shines through in every detail.  Even our guides David and Obert complimented each other and the whole experience perfectly. 

This was the first camp on my African trip that I got teary eyes when it was time to say goodbye.  (There was one other property where this happened but I will save that for another blog!)

Dana with the John’s Camp family

In closing, Dana’s comments were “John’s Camp captured my heart.  I hope to visit with my family one day!”

If you are interested in staying at John’s Camp feel free to reach out to us at at 800.940.9344 or send an email to

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Ronald Swafford June 29, 2019 at 3:59 pm

Please send information for April 2020 with packages and prices. Thank you.

Sandy Salle July 9, 2019 at 6:37 pm

Ron: Thank you so much for your interest in John’s Camp. I have sent you an email so we can put together the perfect itinerary for you for April 2020.

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