Life Lessons from Victoria Falls

by Sandy Salle on March 26, 2015

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There is something magical about the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It’s a feeling that was shared with me from a friend and client who visited a few months after her father died. She stood at the edge of the falls watching the cascade over the lip of the falls and the water kept pouring over. It didn’t stop. What she realized at this moment, with sadness thinking of her dad, was that life continues. Life will continue to move on, as the water will continue to fall over the Victoria Falls. We have to continue with our life, we have to dream big, we have to want for more – the mighty Zambezi River has a thirst for life, as we can see in the beautiful Victoria Falls.

In nature there are always lessons to keep us living our dreams. Watching the water hurtle over the falls has taught me so much and I will never tire of watching this miracle of water flowing down the Zambezi and throwing itself over the falls, the rainbows are just so vibrant as they mix with the mist to create magic all around.

As David Livingstone said when he found the falls “a scene so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”

A trip to Victoria Falls is something you should definitely put on your Bucket List, it is after all one of the 7 natural wonders of our beautiful world.

I remember on my very first visit to the falls when I was a young girl, our private guide shared how the local Zimbabwean people call the Victoria Falls “Mosi-oa-Tunya,” which means “the smoke that thunders.” You can see the “smoke” from more than 20kms away, so if you are flying into Victoria Falls keep your eyes peeled for your first glimpse of the “smoke that thunders.”

Take time to enjoy the beautiful rainbows and try to catch the pot of gold.

Make sure to pack a raincoat as the mist can be quite heavy during the high water seasons, and to keep your camera and essentials dry (take some gallon-size ziplock bags to store your equipment).

Interesting facts about the Victoria Falls:

  • Victoria Falls is the largest curtain of falling water in the world; it is 1.708m wide
  • It has up to 500 million liters of water falling per minute
  • It is a World Heritage Site
  • Victoria Falls is shared by the Zimbabwe and Zambian countries

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