Primate Lodge – A Rare Find in the Middle of a Jungle, Kibale Forest

by Sandy Salle on November 14, 2017

It’s rare to come across a place to stay with such an overwhelming sense of place. But the first thing that strikes you about Primate Lodge is the fact that it’s literally in the middle of the jungle. Or to put it more precisely, amid the thick rainforest of Kibale National Park in eastern Uganda.

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Primate Lodge takes its name from the fact that Kibale boasts one of the world’s richest primate populations — 13 different species including mangabey, colobus and blue monkeys, the very rare L’Hoest’s monkey, as well as the park’s famous chimpanzees.


Kibale’s is famous for chimp tracking — ranger-guided hikes through the thick bush to find, observe and photograph the park’s resident chimps. And it just so happens that Primate Lodge is the closest accommodation to the ranger station where the chimp hikes start each morning, only a two-minute (downhill) walk.


Aside from its proximity to the primates, the lodge is African wilderness accommodation at its best. Sure you’re in the middle of nowhere. But the guest rooms are large, tidy and comfortable, with en-suite bathrooms, combination safe, bottled water, and mosquito-net-equipped king, double to twin beds. Solar powered hot water is available from 5-7 a.m. and 7-11 p.m.


Outside each room is a veranda with chairs for contemplating the surrounding forest and possibly spotting a few primates swinging through the trees. Alternatively you can hang out in the bar/lounge area, where free wi-fi puts you in touch with the rest of the world and a small library is stocked with books that explain more about the animals that populate Kibale.

Primates Lodge, Uganda - thanks to Primates Lodge for the photograph


In addition to its standard rooms, Primate Lodge also boasts two very special places to spend the night. The two-story Elephant Banda is popular with honeymooners while the super-secluded Sky Tree House is perched 30 feet off the ground overlooking a open area with forest on the far side — a great place to spot wildlife.  When Amy, our Client Experience Director was staying at Primates, there was a honeymoon couple in the Treehouse and they had a chimp walk in front of them on the way to breakfast.  How cool is that?


With no other restaurants in the immediate vicinity, guests have no choice but eating at the lodge. But the food is great, including a hearty breakfast and pretty good wines and cold Ugandan beer for those who like to imbibe with lunch or dinner.


And did we mention how great the staff is? Not just their professionalism, but also the genuine smiles and their eagerness to share their knowledge of Kibale and Uganda.

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