Proof that a Honeymoon to Eastern Africa Is the Trip of a Lifetime!

by Sandy Salle on October 18, 2012

African honeymoon safari

This past Tuesday, we published Part I of our interview with recent honeymooners to Africa, Devin & Margaret Battiston, who visited Kenya and Mozambique for their romantic honeymoon safari.

Click here to view Part I of their interview, or see below to read the rest of their story (Note: all images in this post were taken by Margaret & Devin Battiston):

You visited the romantic Benguerra Island off the coast of Mozambique. What did you enjoy most about this area?

After the long days on safari, we were ready to relax in a different way. While there was often a chill in the air due to the winter season, we had a wonderful time either relaxing in our cottage, our private hut on the beach, or enjoying the activities on the island.

I went fishing for sailfish while my wife enjoyed the spa. We went scuba diving with humpback whales always within earshot, and often within view when we were on the surface. The beautiful colors of the island, the ocean, and the sunsets will always be remembered, especially when we were able to enjoy them from a romantic bush bath.

The dhows and the charming sailing fishing boats of the Indian Ocean dotted the coves and the horizon with bright bursts of color to compliment the scenery, and we enjoyed a dhow sunset cruise on our last night on the island.

Marlin Lodge was a remarkable way to wrap up our honeymoon.

trip to Africa

Devin & Margaret were surprised with a bubble bush bath with champagne and hors 'doeuvres!

trip to Mozambique

Margaret & Devin enjoying some snacks on the beautiful beach of Benguerra!

dhow sunset cruise

Devin & Margaret enjoying a dhow sunset cruise around Benguerra Island

Africa honeymoon

View from the sunset dhow cruise

marlin lodge

Marlin Lodge on Mozambique's Benguerra Island

What was your favorite camp / lodge that you stayed at and why?

Marlin Lodge was picturesque and beautiful and easily tops anywhere we’d ever been before our trip to Africa. Giraffe Manor was an amazing experience, as well, although it was just for one night during our layover in Nairobi. It was a gorgeous ivy-covered manor house where giraffe not only visit by poking their head into your window, but they also eat from your hand. And, if you’re adventurous, they’ll eat from your lips.

Certainly though, Mara Plains was our favorite for the incredible safari that was enhanced by the Great Migration, the luxurious food and accommodations, and the unparalleled service, not just from the staff, but also from the camp manager and assistant manager who always went above and beyond. I don’t think we’ll ever get over how lucky we were to visit.

giraffe manor

Exterior of Giraffe Manor in Kenya

giraffe manor

Margaret greeting a curious giraffe!

giraffe manor

Devin and a residential giraffe at Giraffe Manor

Do you think you’ll ever return to Africa? If so, where would you go on your second trip and why?

We certainly hope so! It is so tempting to return to eastern Africa, but we would likely visit South Africa on our next trip. We had originally planned to visit Cape Town, enjoy some wineries, travel the Garden Route, and safari in Kruger, but changed our plans due to the season. I don’t think we could possibly revisit a third time though without spending some more time in the Mara.

How would you sum up your trip in a nutshell?

The trip was absolutely AMAZING. We could not have been happier with our accommodations and appreciate all the notes and surprises along the way. Giraffe Manor was gorgeous and what a fun way to start off our African adventure. Mara Plains was spectacular and the level of service, quality of food, and experience was above and beyond our expectations. Our guide ended up being the camp manager, who went above and beyond to make the experience so unique and memorable.

African safari vacation

trip to Kenya

Kenya safari vacation

The Great Migration

African safari tours

Enjoying the scenery in Kenya's Mara plains

African wildlife


The migration was indescribable and we still can’t get the pictures or our videos to do it justice. Marlin Lodge was very nice and it was such a treat to have all the surprises (and we loved having the last hut on the short row). The staff was very friendly and helpful and the food was really good, as well. Weather wasn’t as great there (and the water was a bit colder than I would normally like), but what a great, relaxing way to end our trip and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mozambique.

Thank you for all your wonderful recommendations and for making this honeymoon a once in a lifetime adventure for us!

-Margaret & Devin Battiston

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Makeyna November 4, 2012 at 3:54 am

This post wouldn’t have been more factual and interesting. Eastern Africa is a treasure and the best place to spend a honeymoon. With world-class beaches like Diani beach, cool rich cultures in Rwanda and Uganda, the wildlife in Tanzania’s Serengeti and the Mara, it is definitely everyone’s dream! Thanks for the post.

Dhow cruise Dubai January 23, 2013 at 7:03 am

its all pleasant and awesome photography, I like the picture of sunset so much…

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