The Top Restaurants at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town

by Sandy Salle on June 28, 2012

Guest post by Cape Fusion Tour Guide, Pam McOnie

This section aims to be an update of new restaurants that I have tried or want to try in Cape Town and the surrounding wine regions. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list—merely a list of what looks really exciting for this season. We are blessed to live in Cape Town, a creative hub where new restaurants open all the time. As such, our aim is to keep working our way through the exciting offerings in our city!If you missed Parts I, II, III, IV, V, or VI of this post, view them by clicking the links below:

Below are Pam’s top restaurant picks in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (known locally as the V&A Waterfront)

Balducci’s: This is the best restaurant to visit if you feel like just simply relaxing. They specialize in uncomplicated lighter meals in a chic environment. They are renowned for their pizzas, salads, burgers, and a great wine list. In addition, they offer great value for money, so expect to find the locals beating a path to their door. Main Mall V&A Waterfront–faces the water if you sit outside. Tel no: +27-21 421 6002.

Willoboughby & Co: This spot is located inside the main mall at the Waterfront. Willoboughy’s has the reputation for offering the best sushi in Cape Town. This reputation is well deserved and we tend to head down there at least once a month to do the pilgrimage! If you are into sushi, make sure you make it to this spot. They also offer an extensive seafood menu; however, we’ve never tried it as we are hooked on the sushi! V&A Main mall. Tel no: +27 21 418 6115. Open daily for lunch and dinner–no reservations taken. When you see the queue heading out of the restaurant, you know you have found the right place!

Den Anker: This is the Belgian restaurant in the Waterfront. It boasts one of the nicest locations as it is in the middle of the Waterfront campus (i.e. it overlooks the boats) and it is a magical spot for lunch or dinner as the view is fantastic. House specialties include fresh West Coast mussels, served with pomme frites and Belgian Beer–a fabulous combination! V&A Waterfront. Tel no: +27 21 419 0249. Open daily.

Image above taken from the Den Anker Restaurant website.

Belthazar: This is the best spot for steak in the Waterfront. I went and ate there last week after boycotting it for more than a year as I had bad feedback from people who had been. We not only had the most fantastic steak, but we also managed to meet the head chef. He is a butcher by trade who has reinvented himself as a chef. His passion shone through and the quality of the meat is now, once again, outstanding. It is definitely worth a visit. In addition, Belthazar offers the largest number of wines available by the glass in the Southern Hemisphere. They have introduced a technology using nitrogen to preserve the wine, so if you are into wine and great meat then this is the spot for you. V&A Waterfront. Tel no: +27 21 421 37 53. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Baia Seafood Restaurant: Portuguese-inspired, upmarket seafood restaurant in the V&A Waterfront. A winning combination of excellent seafood with impeccable service. The prices are steep, but it is worth it as you will enjoy every mouthful. If the weather is good book an outside table. Note that it is essential to book as they are very popular. Tel +27-21-421-0935. Open daily for lunch and dinner

Image above taken from the Baia Seafood Restaurant website.

Panama Jacks: This is located in the working part of the harbor and cannot be accessed by foot. As such, if you wish to head through to this rustic seafood restaurant you need to take a taxi to get there. Panama Jacks is an institution in Cape Town. Locals love it and the prices are great! There are absolutely no frills and if you are a seafood lover then I would highly recommend it!  In addition, just getting there is an adventure. This spot is also great for watching people– it attracts everyone from the well-off individuals, through to the staff that come in from working the boats that are in the harbor. There is not much in terms of innovative dishes or presentation of the food, but somehow this spot is just a great seafood meal done with no frills. Address Quay 500 Cape Town Harbor. Open daily for dinner & lunch, but closed for lunch on Saturday. Tel no: 021 448 1080 or 021 447 3992.

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Melissa July 3, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Oh Pam you are increasing my desire to come back for another visit!!! So many great places to eat and to visit, so little time. Multiple visits to SA are a must!

Sandy Salle July 4, 2012 at 4:53 pm

We agree! Isn’t Pam wonderful? 🙂

zimkhitha August 1, 2012 at 4:29 am

these places are gorgeous they make you come back again

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