Top 3 Africa Destinations for Empty Nesters

by Sandy Salle on September 19, 2013

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Image of a gorilla in Rwanda, taken by our client Gray Cornwell

Whether your child has just recently started college away from home or you’ve been an empty nester for quite some time, a trip to Africa can be one of the most life-altering trips you can experience at this time in your life with your spouse or a group of friends.

Below are some of the most popular destination for empty nesters and why:

Uganda & Rwanda

Central Africa is famous for its spectacularly lush landscapes, and, of course, their mountain gorilla populations. Because these animals are unique to central Africa, a gorilla trekking safari provides empty nesters with an experience unlike any other they’ve ever had. Gorilla trekking continues to be one of the leading bucket list items for discerning travelers and it’s no surprise to us! Having the opportunity to come in contact with one of our most ancient ancestors produces some of the most powerful and humbling feelings.

trip to Rwanda

Image above of Rwanda people, taken by our client Gray Cornwell


Celebrated as one of the most wildlife-rich countries in the entire world, let alone Africa, Tanzania is filled with fascinating landscapes, culture, exotic animals, and 5-star accommodations.

Some of the must-visit areas for empty nesters on a trip to Tanzania include:

Ngorongoro Crater: Spanning approximately five square miles, Ngorongoro Crater is an enormous volcanic caldera that is celebrated for its sheer size, riveting natural beauty, and dense wildlife populations. In fact, it’s one of the best places to witness the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, Cape buffalo, and elephant) in all of Africa and is classified as a World Heritage Site.

To the surprise of many travelers on their first trip to Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater is actually quite lush! It’s not a barren crater, filled with volcanic remains and ash, but rather, it’s filled with breathtaking landscape, including grasslands, Lake Magadi, marshlands, and thick forests. And in this diverse landscape lives some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, including hundreds of bird species, cheetah, jackal, bat-eared foxes, wildebeest, gazelle, jackal, and, of course, the Big Five.

Grumeti: You’ve most likely seen it on the National Geographic channel and have been blown away by the sheer size and beauty of it. Can you guess what I’m referring to? It’s none other than the Great Migration—one of the world’s most riveting natural spectacles.

During the months of June and July millions of wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebras will come face to face with one of the most challenging hurdles: The Grumeti River. Filled with natural predators and obstacles, the Grumeti River is where travelers will witness a great deal of action unfold. The herds will cross over the Grumeti River and many of them will not make it due to drownings, as well as crocodile and lion attacks. Although it sounds sad that some of the animals don’t make it, observing Mother Nature in action is one of the most humbling and moving experiences to be had—especially when it comes to the Great Migration.

Mahale Mountains: As one of our favorite Tanzania lodges, Greystoke Mahale guests can embark on chimp trekking safaris—right behind the lodge site! Comparable to gorilla trekking safaris, chimp trekking has the uncanny ability to stir up a world of emotions for visitors who have the opportunity to witness these fascinating creatures in the wild.

Tanzania safari tours Tanzania safari tours

South Africa

South Africa is arguably the most diverse country in Africa in terms of landscape, activities, history, and culture.

Some of the best places for empty nesters to visit while on a South Africa safari vacation include:

Cape Town: Whether you love enjoying fantastic cuisine, soaking in new culture and exotic works of art, shopping, or embarking on historical expeditions, Cape Town is a city full of life and diversity.

Cape Winelands: If you love wine and food, then Cape Winelands is calling you! Here, visitors can enjoy customized and private wine tasting tours throughout the area’s century-old wine estates, interacte with wine makes, enjoy picnic lunches in the vineyards, horseback ride, or explore the little villages that make up this unique countryside.

Western Cape: For avid golfers, the Western Cape in South Africa (along with many, many other areas of South Africa) are home to dozens upon dozens of exceptional golf courses. So if you’re looking to unwind with a fantastic game or two of golf, a trip to South Africa needs to be on your vacation list!


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