Top African Organizations & Trusts We Are Most Grateful For

by Sandy Salle on November 22, 2012

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In light of Thanksgiving, happening today, here in America, I wanted to write a blog post that gave thanks to some of my favorite African organizations that offer support to the people and wildlife of Africa.

I’d first like to start out saying what I am thankful for in my personal life: I am tremendously grateful for my two wonderful children and amazing husband, as well as my entire extended family both in America and abroad in Zimbabwe. I am also thankful for my wonderful Hills of Africa team, my friends, and for all of our clients who make Hills of Africa possible. THANK YOU!

And to all of the African organizations and trusts who always give their absolute all to help support the people and wildlife of Africa by spreading awareness, raising funds, offering their time and energy, and volunteering, thank you.

Below are just a few of the many African organizations and trusts that the Hills of Africa team is forever grateful for:

Uthando South Africa: With over 30 different Philanthropic Cultural Tours—accredited by Fair Trade in Tourism—Uthando South Africa is a leader in responsible travel and touring. Whenever a traveler tours one of the Uthando community projects, Uthando makes a per person donation to that particular project.

Friends of Hwange: Friends of Hwange works to raise funds to build and maintain 10 sustainable water holes around Hwange National Park. This ensures that the dire effects of droughts will never again wipe out populations of Hwange’s delicate wildlife. Each of the waterholes utilizes wind and solar power to run properly.

Great Plains Conservation: With a variety of exceptional projects, including The Great Plains Foundation (a foundation that guests can contribute to in an effort to help conserve the environment and community) and The Big Cats Initiative (a program dedicated to the conservation of leopard, cheetah, and other wild cats), as well as community projects that include the Mara North Conservancy and The Maasailand Preservation Trust.

AWOL: Providing visitors with a responsible and low-impact way to travel through South Africa’s most historic and culturally abundant spots, AWOL Tours is one of our favorite South African tour providers. Most notable are AWOL’s Cape Town bicycle tours, such as their Cape Town City Cycle Tours and Cape Peninsula Cycle Tours. All profits made by AWOL are generated back into the local economy to spur sustainable growth.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Established in 1977, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is devoted to saving the precious lives of orphaned and injured elephants and rhinos in Kenya. Dedicated to the late David Sheldrick, the Trust’s invaluable conservation efforts assist orphaned wildlife, before releasing them back into their home—the wild.

Camfed: With the passion and conviction to educate every young girl in Zimbabwe, the Camfed organization has been raising funds since 1993 to help send young Zimbabwean girls to high school. Unfortunately, less than half of Zimbabwean children attend high school on a regular basis, which is often due to lack of money. When these children are not in school they dramatically increase their exposure to contracting HIV, becoming pregnant at an early age, and becoming stuck in a routine that leaves them in poverty.

Ol Malo Trust: The Ol Malo Trust provides the Samburu people of Kenya with personal and professional education to increase employment, health awareness, and quality of living, while assisting the people to uphold their valued traditions and customs.

The Carr Foundation in Gorongosa: Established by philanthropist and former businessman Greg Carr, The Carr Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring Gorongosa’s wildlife, economy, and communities, which was destroyed by political and social turmoil in the 1980s. The primary focus of the foundation is to create a self-sustaining Mozambique, providing employment to locals, building educational and health care facilities, and reintroducing wildlife back into Gorongosa.

Red Hill Community Volunteering: Situated just a 45-minute drive from the Cape Town City Center, the Red Hill Community is a town home to approximately 2,500 individuals of a variety of African nationalities, including Xhosa and Afrikaans. Volunteers at Red Hill, have the opportunity to participate in afternoon activities with the kids, assist in teaching at preschools, help with arts and crafts, organize special needs classes, assist in handing out meals, work in the gardens, help paint / upkeep buildings, and more.

Abalimi Bezekhaya: Abalimi Bezekhaya, which translates to “the planters of the home,” is dedicated to educating the local South African communities about sustainable gardening practices and microfarming, to facilitate employment opportunities and local commerce.

Singita: With superior service, luxurious camps and lodges, and amazing African safari tours, Singita has positioned itself as, arguably, the number one safari provider. But Singita is not just about providing guests with a life-changing experience. They’re also helping to change the lives of local youngsters in African communities with the Singita School of Cooking. They also have a variety of successful, active projects that include building schools, micro-financing of small businesses, supporting agricultural initiatives, and training for locals on conservation and tourism.

African Impact: African Impact is the premier company offering exceptional volunteerism opportunities and projects to educate travelers on the issues that much of Africa faces (including poverty and community development). African Impact is dedicated to inspiring travelers through voluntourism while positively impacting Africa’s environment and social structures.

Please support the above organizations and spread the word about their efforts!


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