Top Scuba Diving Adventures Off the Coast of Cape Town

by Sandy Salle on July 4, 2013

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From Table Mountain to the Cape of Good Hope and Boulders Beach to shopping and dining at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Park, Cape Town attracts visitors from all around the world to its historical landmarks, rich culture, and beautiful scenery. But there is a part of Cape Town that cannot be seen by land. A part that is so spectacular, mysterious, and unique, that you must go beneath the water’s edge to explore it.

So strap on your scuba gear and lets take a dive into the enchanting waters of Cape Town on a trip to South Africa!

Depending on what you would like to see and what your level of diving expertise is, there are a variety of excellent diving options and sites to choose from. In fact, your dives can be dives can be designed custom to your exact wants and preferences. We work with a specialized team in the Cape Town area that can assist in planning a completely customized dive for you and your group.

Interested in seeing sharks? One of the best and most unique dives to partake in is the Seven Gill Cow Shark dive. These sharks, which can grow up to 10 feet in length, can be witnessed in groups of 10 – 18 individuals and are truly fascinating in their appearance. Unlike most sharks, which only have five gill slits, the Seven Gill shark has, well, seven. What’s also super unique about this shark is that it only has one top dorsal fin (as opposed to two, which most sharks have).

This particular dive, which takes place in False Bay, is approximately 40 feet (12 meters) deep. During this dive, you’ll kneel on the sandy ocean floor as you wait for a school of Seven Gill sharks to pass. You’ll also be surrounded by a beautiful kelp forest, which makes the whole experience that much more enchanting!

Want to pass through wrecks? There are a wide variety of wrecks to dive through in the Cape Town area, including the Astor, Smitswinkel Bay, Clan Stuart, and the Maori. Each of these dive sites offers the opportunity to dive along shipwrecks and encounter colorful coral, reef fish, and even sharks.

Each of the wrecks has its own fascinating history that your scuba guide will share with you. Also, during these wreck dives, some of the marine life you’ll see include various species of octopus, lobster, reef fish, sharks, rays, anemones, eels, butterfly fish, surgeonfish, and SO much more.


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Curious about Cape fur seals? One of the most popular dives in the Cape Town area is the Cape fur seal dive, which allows you to get up-close-and-personal with Cape Town’s playful residents. These adorable seals are a real joy to witness beneath the water as they spin, twirl, and glide through the water. Many times you’ll see them in large groups, even hundreds of individuals at a time, basking in the sun. They also like to hang out on the surface of the water, so snorkelers can also enjoy rewarding views of these creatures.

If you do happen to dive with Cape fur seals, make sure to bring your underwater camera. These playful creatures are so adorable and often get close enough to capture a precious shot of their little faces!

cape fur seal

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Other ways to explore the wildlife of the Indian Ocean:



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michael July 5, 2013 at 9:58 pm

fantasy, fabulous scuba diving is like your are in a different world.

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These images are unreal. So amazingly beautiful!

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