Transform Your Life, Your Business, & The Lives of Others on the Give Movement Journey to Africa

by Sandy Salle on July 25, 2013


What if you could discover a lifetime of empowerment, revolutionary business breakthroughs, and a way to impact an entire community—all in just 5 days?

Would you do it?

If so, then I want to let you in on an exclusive experience that I’ve only shared with a handful of others. Internationally acclaimed mentor and business coach, Suzanne Evans, will be hosting an upcoming Give Movement Journey to Africa, which Hills of Africa Travel will be planning, where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to actually go with her.

During this 5-day journey, you’ll be able to interact and network with innovative leaders from around the world in a unique and highly creative atmosphere, while learning vital business success strategies from Suzanne and other high-level entrepreneurs in a small-group setting.

But that’s not all. This transformational journey will also include the opportunity to work as a collective in building a Habitat for Humanity house in Zambia AND helping local Zimbabwean and Zambian women build their own businesses. A group of super-focused and driven entrepreneurs and thought leaders with a philanthropic spirit—like you—can truly change a community and even the globe through this trip and others like it.

See below for itinerary details:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 – Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (for those of you who don’t know, Zimbabwe is my homeland!)

We will spend three nights at the beautiful and historic Victoria Falls Hotel where we will utilize a portion of our time mentoring Zimbabwean women on how to grow their small, local businesses.

Here’s a little insight into the working culture of Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean women traditionally keep 95% of their income for the family, whereas the Zimbabwean men spend 95%. Doesn’t sound too fair, right?

This life-changing trip gives YOU the opportunity to personally assist hard-working Zimbabwean women with creating a successful business strategy that will help them sell more products (which are usually curios) and bring more money into their homes. By working with these women one-on-one, not only will you help them create a more stable and enjoyable environment for their families, you’ll also discover new inspiration for your own business and life.

In addition to mentoring the local women of Zimbabwe, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy activities at Victoria Falls and participate in collaborative workshops with Suzanne and fellow entrepreneurs.

Friday, September 20, 2013 – Zambia, Habitat for Humanity

Today we will cross the Zimbabwean border into Zambia and fly to Lusaka where we will help build a Habitat for Humanity House for a local family in need. This transformational experience will take place over the course of two days and in the end, we will have built a $6,000 home for a Zambian family that will change their lives forever.

And I assure you, there will be some sweat, tears, and blisters involved in building this home, but I promise you that your life will be forever transformed in a positive way. You will learn more about yourself and your business than you ever imagined.

Suzanne and I are extremely passionate about the Habitat for Humanity mission, which is why we felt it was important to add it into this year’s Give Movement Trip to Africa.

Sunday, September 22, 2013 – Until next year!

Today is the end of the Give Movement Trip 2013. You may choose to fly back home or plan to continue your journeys in Africa with an add-on trip (which we, Hills of Africa Travel, can assist you with booking).

And as a side note from the Hills of Africa Travel team and myself, we are truly honored that Suzanne goes to Zimbabwe and Zambia every year because it has a tremendous impact on the people of those areas.

This will be our second year in a row hosting this event, and I promise you, your life and your business will change after this high-impact trip to Africa.

So if you’re ready to collaborate with innovative leaders, entrepreneurs, and business coaches, click here to sign up for more information.

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