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by Sandy Salle on June 15, 2017

We ask our clients to complete clients surveys after every trip with Hills of Africa. We love to share the feedback with new travelers but these testimonials also help us improve our services for future clients.

One of our most recent surveys came from Kyle Boyd, a client of one of our favorite travel agents, Paul Iacono with Travel Experts.  Kyle wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday with a special adventure and decided that Kenya was the place. We designed a special safari itinerary for Kyle and his wife Charlotte, and Kyle’s mom and father, and Kyle’s sister, that included Lewa, Samburu and Masai Mara. Their safari took place in February (2017).

This is what he thought about the trip:

Best wildlife experience?
So many — impossible to pick one. Lions “honeymooning” at Lewa, tracking leopard at Samburu . . . and the sheer numbers and variety at Masai Mara.

Best Location?
So difficult. Lewa is really special. Elephant Bedroom in Samburu would have been better if not for the drought. The river wasn’t flowing, but it was still wonderful. Entim Camp in Masai Mara is great because it’s for serious photographers and has an amazing amount of wildlife.

Biggest (Good) Surprise?
Bush breakfast at Lewa. We saw tables set up as we were driving by and thought, “Oh, good for those people.” Then realized we were those people!

Coolest Experiences?
The hot-air balloon ride (and the slippery, muddy drive to get there in the dark!), evening storms, sunsets and “purple rain” at Masai Mara. All the drives, flights . . . everything, really!

Funniest Experience?
Going from a slow, foggy peaceful morning drive to suddenly hauling [butt] across Masai Mara for 30 minutes to see elusive wild dogs. With success! Funny because the fast drive was such fun and lasted so long . . . it was full of laughter.

Best Accommodation?
All were great. Lewa Tent #1 was super-special with veranda and view.

Best Meal?
Mushroom pasta at Lewa was amazing . . . especially since it was made to order.

Best Guide?
“Eagle Eye” Geoffrey from Waymark was amazing. Phenomenal eyesight and attitude. He went above and beyond when LaDonna got sick, suggesting and then driving her to the hospital in Nanyuki.

Best Thing Overall?
Really well planned and thought out. Starting at Lewa and ending at Masai Mara was perfect. Always in good hands with guides, staff and accommodation.

Anything That Could Have Been Better?
Samburu was super-hot and dry, which no one can control. The plunge pool came in handy. Maybe a fan? Also, generators/internet at Elephant Bedroom were turned off at 3 pm, but game drives didn’t start until 4:00 or 4:30 pm, so we couldn’t charge our phones or cameras or check internet during that time.

Lewa could use more outlets close to bedside. We were really happy we brought our own power converter strip/charging station with USB ports. It allowed us to charge multiple items in tents with few or only one outlet. We think this would be worth recommending to other clients.

Anything You Could Have Been Better Prepared For?
I was surprised how busy we were. With the two game drives a day and meals, there wasn’t a lot of relaxing downtime. But I loved every minute of it.

Anything You Wish You Had Done Differently?
If time and money were not an issue, I wish we’d visited a few more places. But I am glad we had at least three nights at each camp.

Any Last Comments?
Our communication with Hills of Africa — and your travel booklet/info and packing list — were very helpful! And we appreciated the welcome goodies upon arrival at Nairobi.

(Note from Hills of Africa – a huge great big thank you to Paul Iacono of Travel Experts, for sharing your fabulous clients, The Boyd Family with us.  To the Boyd family, thank you for changing our lives by sharing your journey with us, and Kyle thanks for all the photos!!)

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