Where the Wild Things Are: Madagascar’s Best Animal Encounters

by Sandy Salle on August 17, 2017

The amazing IMAX movie Island of Lemurs highlights the incredible variety of wildlife on Madagascar, the giant island off the east coast of Africa. And also their plight — how habitat destruction, forest fires and other factors are making the island’s unusual animals increasingly rare and endangered in the wild.

madagascar wildlife

Filmed on location in Madagascar, the film follows American scientist Patricia Wright’s quest to find the greater bamboo lemur — considered extinct — in Ranomafana National Park.

Spoiler alert! Dr Wright eventually discovers the last two of the species left in Ranomafana and reunites them with three others found in another national park to form a breeding troupe that will perpetuate the species.

madagascar wildlife

Islands of Lemurs is the kind of movie that makes you want to go straight from the movie theater to Madagascar in a giant, lemur-like leap between continents. For those who do want to make the journey, here are the best places to see lemurs and other iconic Madagascar animals in the wild:

  • Ranomafana National Park: 13 lemur species — including the sifaka, small-toothed sportive and aye-aye — make this UNESCO World Heritage Site ground zero for all lemur lovers. The park also harbors more than 130 different types of frog and more than 115 bird species
  • Andringitra National Park: Renowned for both its dramatic mountain landscapes and diverse animal population, the park protects 50 mammal species (including numerous lemurs) and more than 100 kinds of birds, many of them endemic to Madagascar.

 madagascar wildlife

  • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park: One of the few places on the island where you can find the indri, the world’s largest lemur and one that has never survived captivity.

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  • Masoala National Park: Largest of the island’s national parks, this vast coastal reserve boasts more than half of Madagascar’s plant and animal species. Among its rare and endangered species are the red ruffed lemur, tomato frog and serpent eagle, as well as many different types of chameleon and the humpback whales that frequent Antongil Bay.

  • Baly Bay National Park: This west coast park flaunts a unique blend of coral reefs, mangrove swamps and dry tropical forest. Among its iconic species are the dugong, big-headed turtle, Madagascar fish eagle and eight kinds of lemur.

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