Why One Couple Chose Africa As Their Unique Honeymoon Destination

by Sandy Salle on September 13, 2012

South Africa honeymoon safari

After returning home from a spectacular African honeymoon safari in South Africa, our clients, Matthew & Meredith Lackey, dished all on what made their special trip so magical.

See below for our interview with the newly-weds:

Out of all the destinations in the world, what inspired you to visit Africa for your dream honeymoon?

Africa seemed like a natural choice. For a honeymoon, we wanted to travel to somewhere we’d never been. We also wanted to visit a place that would be memorable and exciting. Africa fulfilled all of our desires for an exciting and new place that we would always remember.

Everywhere we visited felt like a unique experience and we valued every second of our trip.

Tell us a little bit about your experiences in Cape Town and Cape Winelands. What were the highlights from those two destinations?

Cape town was a great city. My wife and I love exploring new places and Cape Town offered plenty. In particular, we really enjoyed seeing the Cape of Good Hope and the shark cage diving was, of course, unbelievable.

Pam our guide was beyond fantastic. Everything we did felt like it was tailored just for us—it really felt like a trip made solely for our honeymoon.

boulder's beach

trip to South Africa

South Africa honeymoon safari

You mentioned that you absolutely loved Londolozi Tree Camp. What was it about this camp and the experience that you had there that you loved so much?

Londolozi was by far the highlight of our trip. They made a real effort to make the place seem like a very personal experience. We always had the same guides during our outings and two hosts were always around, making friendly, personalized conversation. We felt like we were in a home away from home. The locals at Londolozi were simply amazing and inspiring. We (Matthew and his wife, Meredith) felt like we made friends there in both the staff and the locals that we’ll keep in touch with for years to come.

On top of that, the food was amazing and we got to see so many wild animals!

Image above of Londolozi, taken from the Londolozi website

Do you think you’ll ever return to Africa? If so, where would you go on your second trip and why?

Yes we will be back to Africa. I think we’ll likely want to see the Great Migration, Victoria Falls, and Egypt.

Sidenote from Matthew’s wife, Meredith:

I wanted to say how insanely happy we were with every second of our trip. I have so many pictures and thoughts and look forward to catching up more, but must say that Londolozi was by far the best part. It was truly magical.

Thank you for all of the planning and thoughtfulness. We literally couldn’t have been happier.


Matthew & Meredith at Boulder's Beach

If you’re interested in learning more about planning a customized African honeymoon, contact the Hills of Africa team today.

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