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Gorongosa National Park

Imagine a place where thousands of animals roam freely without the constraints of fences or boundaries—a place where stunning, unexplored land stretches as far as the eye can see. At the southern tip of Mozambique’s Great Rift Valley lies one of the world’s most buried treasures, Gorongosa National Park, referred to by many as “The Lost Eden.”

With nearly 2,500 square miles of diverse eco-systems that include rainforests, roaring waterfalls, mysterious caverns, rivers, grassy floodplains, woodlands, Albida forests, and sprawling pans, Gorongosa National Park is one of Africa’s most beloved regions.

Comprised of diverse wildlife and a unique cultural and historical heritage, Gorongosa National Park offers visitors on a Mozambique safari vacation a holistic insight into one of Africa’s most legendary areas. Situated among the Lower Zambezi and delta systems, Gorongosa is saturated with exotic wildlife that thrives thanks to these powerful, neighboring water sources.