Personally Escorted African Safari Tours with Sandy Salle

Sandy Salle, CEO of Hills of Africa Travel, serves as your personal escort. She will accompany you to the camp, along with a local guide, and personally oversee every minute of your African safari vacation.

Your personal escort provides continuity from one camp to another and knows what you’ve already seen and what you want to enjoy.

With Sandy handling every detail, your African safari tour experience will truly be unusual and meaningful, as well as exclusive; you won’t share her time with others in your safari camp.

Why travel with Sandy Salle on your African safari vacation?

  • Experience. Sandy is a native Zimbabwean, and her passion is sharing the heart and soul of Africa with her clients.
  • Management of trip from beginning to end. From the moment you step on African soil and throughout your vacation, you can relax knowing that Sandy will direct every aspect of your African safari tour.
  • Focus on you. Personal African safari escorts are there to take care of you and only you. Sandy learns about your desires, your likes and dislikes, and even your fears in order to tailor your African safari vacation to closely match your personality.
  • Relationship. As a result of your time together, you build a camaraderie with Sandy, and she becomes a trusted friend.
  • Continuity of experience. Because Sandy has been with you from the start and knows what you’ve seen and done, as well as what is scheduled for the rest of your trip, she provides a seamless safari experience. This continuity is more difficult to achieve with more than one guide.
  • High value for your safari dollars.  Personal African safari vacation escorts are there to advocate for you and make sure you receive all you deserve and paid for—and more.

To discover the magic of Africa with Sandy Salle, call 800-940-9344, or contact us today