Privately Guided Safari Tours
Utilizing some of Africa’s most highly acclaimed and well-seasoned private safari guides, Hills of Africa travel ensures that you experience the ultimate in personalized safaris.
Why choose to have a private guide on your trip to Africa?
  • A specialized private guide gets to know exactly what you want and will create a safari experience that is catered specifically to your interests. Therefore, your entire trip is a special interest safari.
  • Each and every private guide that we use has a Personal Guides license. They are experts in protecting you by knowing the habits and habitats of wildlife, firearms laws and ballistics, and the country’s laws. They have extensive experience in camp and vehicle maintenance, guest relations, client safety and first aid, and all aspects of flora and fauna, including dealing with dangerous animals.
  • Our private guides all have extensive experience in the field and know how to deal with any situation that may arise, ensuring complete client safety.
  • All of our guides are native to Africa and have experience as private African safari guides. They know where to take you for the most magical safari experiences and how to tailor them to your desires and interests.
  • Our private safari guides have a private vehicle to take you wherever you’d like to go, whether you make plans for a romantic dinner across town or want to stay on the game drive for an extra hour, trying to find that pack of wild dogs.
  • Private African safari tour guides are licensed and are intimately familiar with the regions they guide. You benefit by having a richer cultural experience that is full of adventure and excitement.
  • Your guide will be with you every day, providing personal interaction and guidance, teaching you about the mysteries of Africa and its fascinating wildlife, and entertaining you, all while keeping your specific interests in mind. By the end of your trip, not only will you feel fulfilled in mind, body, and soul, but you’ll also have a newfound lifetime friendship with your guide.
4 Questions to Ask Your Private Safari Guide

When considering a private African safari tour guide, you’ll want to make sure he or she is well qualified. Our professional guides, suggest that you ask a safari vacation guide the following questions:

  • How much experience does he or she have? A private African safari tour guide must have at least 12–14 years of leading tours to be considered experienced.
  • Does the guide have a Professional Guides license? This certification is rigorous and those who have it are truly committed, professional African safari tour guides.
  • Has the guide worked with various ecosystems? Has he or she guided in the areas you plan to visit, such as the Serengeti, Zambezi Valley, Kalahari, or Kenya?
  • How many African safari vacations has he or she guided, and how many camps has he or she managed?
To discover the magic of Africa with a private safari guide, call 800-940-9344, or contact us today