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Parc des Volcans

Located in the northwest area of Rwanda, the Parc des Volcans is home to a magnificent mountain range and the rare mountain gorilla. A Rwanda safari tour through the cultivated foothills of the Virungas offers stunning views in all directions.

Inside the park the rainforest is filled with birdcalls and chattering primates, and in the shadows are the mountains’ elusive populations of buffalo and elephant. It is here that your quest for Africa’s mountain gorillas begins.

A gorilla trek can entail a one- to four-hour trek, and is guided by experienced trackers who have spent their entire lives living with the forest. On this gorilla Rwanda safari tour, you may find golden monkeys or see buffalo, bush duiker, and a wide variety of bird life along the way. But the most spectacular sights are, of course, the elusive mountain gorillas.