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Garden Route

The Garden Route runs along the South African coastline in the southern region of the Western Cape. With its majestic mountains, breathtaking views, sprawling valleys full of wildflowers, lakes, forests, and miles upon miles of unspoiled and uninhabited white sandy beaches, the Garden Route is the perfect place for honeymooners and families to enjoy South African tours.

This charming region is paradise for bird and nature lovers. Featuring delightful year-round weather, the Garden Route is a haven for water sports, fishing, abseiling, walking, and climbing.

The Garden Route is also a great option for those who want to take to the roads and explore. Dramatic, winding roads overlooking cliffs, coasts, and majestic scenery characterize this stretch of road.

Visitors are invited to stop in the small, picturesque villages to get a local taste of South Africa’s beautiful countryside. You’ll find memorable inns, guesthouses, and restaurants as well as beautiful art and collectibles.