All in all our trip was really good! We liked the private transfers between camps being able to see everyday life as we drove along. We would have missed that on charter flights, passing by overhead.  As a matter of fact, one of our drives gave us our biggest surprise – coming upon market day in a Maasai Village.  The Maasai/villagers were all gathering together to trade goats, sell items, making moonshine. We stopped and spent time enjoying this very authentic aspect of Tanzanian life.  Not like a ‘show’ or something ‘put on’. We enjoyed seeing this as it’s so very different from life at home.  And I have to say we really enjoyed Tarangire and Swala Camp!  We’ve read this park is so often skipped.  There were so many animals coming close to camp that on our 2nd day we skipped the game drive and stayed at camp to enjoy.