Never having a clue I would ever wind up in Africa in my lifetime, the opportunity presented itself. Hills of Africa was suggested to us by another travel agent located in North Carolina (I live in Maryland). It was the best decision of our lives. Yes, the trip was more expensive than I would have wished, but the guides, the accommodations, the animals, the people, and everything in between were amazing. To anyone out there even remotely harboring the thought of a trip to Africa, Hills of Africa is the way to go. The attention to detail, the little surprises pulled on you by the staff when they tell you a little white lie about having to pick up some lanterns to return them to the campsite and then discover a table with champagne out on the plains with those same lanterns illuminating the event — stunning and memorable. Do yourself a favor and book a reservation with Hills of Africa now. You will never regret it, and you will never stop talking about your trip. Ours was in 2008 and it seems like only yesterday. Keep up the wonderful work you and your staff do, Sandy. Book it now!!!