Karen Banks – Greensboro, NCPeople tell you Africa changes you. It is impossible to put it into words. It is an experience everyone should have in their lifetime. In Africa you feel grounded in an indescribable way because by choice I had no connection to the outside world or technology. It forces you to be in the moment because you don’t know what the next minute will bring. There is a constant sense of awe and surprise. In April, I was supposed to move to NYC after my trip to Africa in March. I could not move to a city where there is so much energy and so few places to reconnect to nature.

My chiropractor recommended Sandy. The minute you speak to Sandy you can hear her passion and love for Africa. I traveled alone, yet I never felt unsafe or lonely. Sandy and her staff went above and beyond with cards and small treasures at each destination. They are absolutely an amazing team. Beyond brilliant!