Kristen Mayo and Steve CoffmanWell our trip was wonderful! The handoff went great at the airport with the person that greeted us and the other person that took us to the hotel. The tipping guide that Amy sent us was very helpful. Our wedding was stress-free and everything went smoothly! They second day we were there they showed us three options they were thinking of having our wedding spot at. We choose a spot overlooking these beautiful mountains. We worked with one of the managers Carmen regarding wedding things and also our Ranger Rico. Carmen was very thoughtful and detailed in every aspect. Of course the day of the wedding the weather was beautiful. It had been a little drizzly off and on the days up to. The cake was made by their chef and delicious. The flowers were beautiful. I was very pleased with my hair and makeup stylist and we both liked the photographer. She is going to make sure we have photos in time to share at our reception on June 18th. Her husband was there as well and he took some photos on my i-phone so I had some photos to share right away with my family after the wedding. After the wedding, we went on a game drive and came back to a romantic dinner at our room. Rose petals and candles were everywhere and we had our very own 4-course menu printed with our name and wedding date including our wedding cake for a second desert! The food was delicious there. After every game drive, a staff member with a hot towel greeted us! During game drives in the morning, it was a bit chilly so our ranger Rico had hot water bottles to slip our hands onto and blankets. I think one of my favorite mornings would have to be our coffee break and snacks while hanging out near the rhinos. The game drives were never disappointing. We have so many good pictures. He made it his mission to get the Big 5, some in one day. The lodge is at a really Our son gave us a Photo Safari gift which Hills of Africa developed private tours around the safari good location. They upgraded us to the honeymoon suite the when we got there. It was the furthest one away and we were able to see elephants and monkey’s and hear so many beautiful sounds of South Africa. The staff waited on us hand and foot the entire time. Carmen, Rico and Sophia gave us a photo from our wedding with a frame one of the staff made as a wedding gift. Everyone there was so thoughtful and it was such an amazing experience.