I just wanted to take a long overdue moment and thank you, Sandy, Amy, and Susan, for the most wonderful trip of a life time and, yes, dreams! It was just perfect! Even the weather was fantastic! I think of the trip, and you guys, just about every day!

The memories and experience will last a lifetime! Thank you. Words seem so inadequate to express our appreciation of the fantastic trip you planned for us.

It was so unexpected to have a bottle of Champagne at the Lokuthula Lodge, and then the anniversary song/drums with special cake at the other camps! Oh, my! We were truly amazed at each experience.

The white water rafting was a good choice, for us, as an activity! I am glad that we physically, made and survived the 800-meter climb down, and up! The rafting itself was a ton of fun, especially since we got dumped on one of the level 5 rapids! Of course we purchased the DVD!

The safari portion was perfect, as were our guides, accommodations, and wildlife river crossings (yes! we saw two of them – some folks did not see any while at our camp!)

Thank you SO MUCH, for all your hard work, recommendations, and thoughtfulness in planning this trip of a lifetime.