My South African trip was inspired by the history, environment and culture of Africa as well as to photograph my journey — I fell in love with the people. My time at Toro Yaka Safari Lodge provided me with the best room and my best evening meals. During a game drive, I was able to see 7 lionesses and 10 cubs feasting on a recent kill – what a family meal!

The coolest part of my trip was the numerous opportunities for wonderful photography. My funniest moment was the 2 tiny bush baby monkeys that showed up every day at 6am, had a look at us me then they would start jumping around like a pinball!

I would have loved to stay longer and spent more time in the bushveld and in Cape Town — where I loved not only the wine but the scenery in the Cape Winelands as well as a great antique car museum.

Overall, good weather, excellent services, friendly people and the best photography!