The Tatums from Fort WorthThe trip was amazing. We’re so glad we did the elephant adoption at Sheldrick Orphanage. Being in a smaller group enabled us to see the whole facility and other animals, as well as our adopted eles. Of all the camps, our favorite was Lewa Camp. The staff checked on us morning, noon and night. Norman was the best guide of the trip, and worked very hard for us to see everything. And a ‘gold star’ to Chef Susan for her special attention to Sharlene…phenomenal job and much appreciated. – The Shermans

Lemala Kuria Hills was lovely, from the wonderful room with breathtaking views to the staff who were so very accommodating. Chef Masala was amazing. There was an abundance of wildlife here that left us stunned. However, I must say the location of the Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater camp was outstanding. Being on the rim of the crater made park access amazingly easy!