Multi-Generational Safaris
Forget the societal notions of age and discover new life lessons, compassion, and expand your knowledge of the world with a safari designed for an entire family of multiple generations.
Celebratory Safaris
Whether celebrating a birthday, a new path in life, one’s health, an anniversary, or anything in between, Africa provides the ultimate setting for celebration.
Mother-Daughter Safaris
Rejoice in your mother-daughter bond with an unforgettable journey to Africa and make new self-discoveries along the way.
Escorted Safaris
A private safari guide keeps your specific interests in mind while providing personal interaction and guidance, showcasing the beauty and mysteries of Africa.
Family Safaris
Explore the magic of Africa and bond in one of the most spectacular places on earth. You’ll delight in the beauty of nature, unfamiliar cultures, and rich new experiences.
Honeymoon Safaris
Marriage is an adventure, so why not begin with one? Whatever your fancy, Hills of Africa Travel can turn your dream honeymoon into a reality.