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Livingstone is a town celebrated for its rich history, old-world charm, and its border to the world-renowned Victoria Falls.

All of the town’s legendary buildings, wide streets, early-colonial architecture, and historical events, act as a poignant reminder of Livingstone’s former days as the capital of Zambia and are popular attractions for visitors on Zambia safari tours.

Hills of Africa Travel offers you exclusive private safari tours with our own expert guides who have outstanding reputations and the unique ability to transport you back in time, bringing to life the heroes and villains who have shaped the destiny of Africa. On your Zambia safari vacation, our guides will fascinate and entertain you with their engaging historical portrayal of the land.

In addition to historical Zambia safari tours, visitors to Livingstone can also embark on adrenaline-stimulating activities, including white watering rafting and canoeing down the Zambezi River, helicopter rides over Victoria Falls, bungee jumping, elephant-back safaris, and a whole lot more.