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Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is like an inland sea in a landlocked country and was created by damming the mighty Zambezi River. Legend has it that Nyaminyami, the River God, was most displeased at the harnessing of his powers, and is thought to be responsible for the devastating once-in-a-thousand-year flood in 1958, during the building of the massive Kariba dam.

Today, the new ecosystem provides life in many forms, and gives villagers and their livestock constant access to water. Visitors on a celebratory Zimbabwe safari vacation or honeymoon safari can enjoy stunning sunsets and exotic wildlife, as well as bleached skeletal trunks and bare branches of dead trees that were flooded by the damn nearly 45 years ago. These trees make excellent perches for fish eagles, cormorants, and other water birds.

Matusadona National Park lies along the southern shores of Lake Kariba and is bounded in the west by the Umi River and in the east by the dramatic Sanyati Gorge. Game-viewing opportunities are abundant, and visitors on a Zimbabwe safari tour have the opportunity to take game drives, walking safaris, and boat and canoe excursions.